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Reed Datalink exports summary level project data from Reed Connect for use in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Salesforce Automation (SFA) solutions. Data can be exported daily, weekly, or on a customized scheduled in two formats: XML or CSV. Both formats are easily integrated with many leading CRM and SFA solutions including Salesforce.com, Sales Logix, Project Database, and PT Lite.

Datalink allows customers to establish searches in Reed Connect and repeatedly export data that matches specific criteria. Since Datalink is run on a schedule, it will only export new projects or updates to projects that you have previously exported. Additionally, you can select individual projects for export and receive updates to those projects for as long as they are of interest to you. Exported projects also have associated company information, so you know who’s bidding on the project as well as who the key participants are.

Lastly, when integrated with a CRM or SFA, Datalink provides direct links back to Reed Connect to access the full Project Details, Company Details, Contact Details, and Plans & Specs pages.



Reed Construction Data’s experienced integration team will work with you from start to finish ensuring that the setup process is fast and easy. In addition to setup, we will provide you with training so that you can get the most out of your Reed Datalink purchase.


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Reed Construction Data has been a very valuable tool in our search for projects to quote. Their system is very user friendly but maybe more importantly is the personal help that is offered when extra information is required. We would be lost without Reed."
Don Hallford
Cotton & Welshe, Inc.
Reed has helped us tremendously to obtain large commercial building projects. In addition we have established good friendships with some well known architectural firms. It has been a pleasure working with Reed."
Manuel Saucedo

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