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The Network

Reed Construction Data (RCD) is looking to partner with select plan rooms and construction associations in order to help them create greater value from the information they gather on behalf of their members.

The arrangement is simple:  Plan rooms/associations who release information to RCD for distribution among our national customer base will be paid for their content and, at their option, may offer RSMeans products to their members at a discount and receive a portion of the revenues.

How it works:

  • Plan rooms/associations submit releasable project news, plans, specifications and addenda to RCD in electronic format.
  • RCD reviews all incoming files and pays a predetermined fee for any item that we publish.  RCD is looking for any non-, single-family residential projects with an estimated value (where available) greater than $50,000.  RCD will pay for content that it does not already have in its possession as of the date it receives the file from the plan room.
  • RCD sends a check each month to the plan room for the content received within 30 days of the end of that month.

How to get started:

  • Interested plan room/association executives should contact Reed Construction Data at marketing@reedbusiness.com to discuss the program and to get a copy of the partnership agreement.
  • If your plan room/association needs assistance in creating, storing or transmitting electronic versions of project news, plans, specifications and addenda, we suggest that you contact our strategic partner, Barryhund Administrators Inc.  Working through Barryhund also eliminates the need for a separate data license agreement.  Contact them at (916) 760-4108 or at www.barryhund.com.  Any plan room/association who works with Barryhund can, at their option, be easily enrolled in the Reed Planroom Network.

Email marketing@reedbusiness.com for more information.