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Reed Construction Forecast

The Reed Construction Forecast delivers the most timely construction industry activity in a dynamic, quarterly format — combining historical data, current year projections and forward-looking forecasts.

Based on construction starts, this database applies local market drivers to create a model-driven business planning and information tool covering 21 major project categories at the MSA-level. In addition, forecast data can be aggregated at the county level to create custom territories. The database contains construction starts data recorded in both square footage and dollar value figures.

Whether you're looking for a strategic report for business analysis or a tactical tool providing detailed, current activity, Reed Construction Forecast is a critical component when making informed decisions in the construction marketplace.

Product Features

  • Construction forecast data, based on construction starts, provides three years of history by quarter and 12 rolling forecast quarters, updated with new historical data and new forecast data on a quarterly basis.
  • Forecasts are modeled at the individual MSA-level to capture changing local market conditions.
  • Covers 21 major project categories and all MSAs.
  • Database is available for download via a website.
  • Data reported in both square footage and dollar values.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic forecasts are driven by key local market drivers.
  • Earliest available reporting of local market construction forecasts.
  • Custom reports available.
  • Co-created with the country's most respected real estate and analysis firm, Property & Portfolio Research (PPR).
  • Understand how different construction markets are responding to economic pressures and how they are projected to perform in the future.

Your Key Business Planning Tool

With Reed Construction Forecast, you can quickly see where to focus your resources, by project segment or by geographic area for the highest possible return. Use it to estimate future market share/market penetration and measure the market potential for specific products.

Use the MSA-level construction forecast to better plan the growth of your business taking into account local market conditions. You can create county-based territories and set realistic sales goals based on opportunity.

View a Sample Reed Construction Forecast at the U.S. level.

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