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Too many times in the construction industry, a well thought-out, targeted marketing strategy achieves less than desirable results. Why?

Few have time or resources to track projects for a desired vertical market and region and, at the precise stage of product selection, deliver a marketing campaign that resonates with the decision-maker.

Until now.

Marketing strategy and execution finally come together with specEdge

specEdge marketing campaigns offer a differentiated service to increase specifications and sales of your products, while giving you an edge over your competition.

The specEdge targeted approach markets your products and services to the decision-makers who need them at a specific stage in the construction process, while you control the campaign spend according to your budget and goals. Best of all, you can achieve this by following just 4 simple steps:

  1. Target your market
  2. Time your campaign
  3. Specify your delivery
  4. Measure your success
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