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Jim has over thirty years experience as a business economist, including twenty years monitoring the construction market. He has previously worked in government, corporate and consulting roles and has taught at the University of Michigan, Ohio University, Michigan State University and the University of Massachusetts. He has a Ph.D. degree in economics from the University of Michigan.

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Heavy construction steady in 2011 but future funding being cut
Jim Haughey, RCD Chief Economist
Apr 13, 2011

Construction funding took a big cut in the recent compromise on the 2011 budget which cut total fiscal year spending $38 Billion below last year and $78 Billion below the Presidents 2011 fiscal year request. Compared to last year, the cuts included $1.7 Billion for energy and water (not all construction money), hundreds of millions from Justice and Commerce, $800 Million from GSA for federal office buildings, $6.6 billion for military construction as the base realignment program winds down and $3.2 Billion rescinded in the Highway program for earmarked projects never undertaken.

More funding cutbacks should be expected in about five weeks when the Senate and the President will have to compromise again to secure raising the federal debt limit. Some of these added cuts could be in the 2011 budget but most will likely be in the 2012 budget beginning in October. This battle could be longer and uglier than the $38 billion deal approved last week. The Treasury has some tricks to keep over the limit debt off the books for a while.

Rail and alternative projects have the most risk of losing expected funding because both programs build facilities that can only be operated with large subsidies from federal taxpayers of rail and power users. Bridge and airport projects also have more than average risk of losing expected funding.  Both of these are tainted with suspicion that many individual projects have been rewards for influential members of Congress and not essential to transportation system maintenance or expansion.

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