Before You Start a Project

07/16/2009 by Nick Ganaway

There's a lot of pressure to get a project started once the owner and contractor reach agreement in principle, but first be sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. Requirements vary from job to job, but here is a basic list of some contractor must-haves for small to medium-size projects. Most are obvious and general, but it is good to use a checklist. Of course you must customize your checklist to take into account the requirements of the project at hand.

Be sure you have:

The author of this article, Nick Ganaway, was a successful general contractor for 25 years. He is a consultant in Atlanta, Georgia for contractors and other small business owners. Nick has described how to set up and manage a construction business that is profitable, enjoyable, and enduring in his book Construction Business Management: What Every Construction Contractor, Builder & Subcontractor Needs to Know.