Top 10 and trend graph-November 2012

12/18/2012 by Alex Carrick

The accompanying table records the 10 largest construction project starts in Canada in November 2012. Also included is the latest trend graph on starts. This looks at 12-month moving totals of the two major non-residential building categories in Canada − total ICI starts and engineering work. ICI stands for industrial, commercial and institutional.

There are several reasons for highlighting upcoming large projects. Such jobs have often received a fair amount of media coverage. Therefore, people in the industry are on the lookout for when job-site work actually gets underway. And, as showcase projects, they highlight geographically where major construction projects are proceeding.

Also, total construction activity is comprised of many small and medium-sized projects and a limited number of large developments. But the largest projects, simply by their nature, can dramatically affect total dollar and square footage volumes. In other words, the timing and size of these projects have an exaggerated influence on market forecasts.

Top 10 projects of the month - November 2012
(East to
Sq. Ft.
Roberval Institutional Établissement de détention du Saguenay-Lac St-Jean 260 $115
(2 storeys; 180 units; 1 structure), 555 boul Horace-J.-Beemer
SIQ Région Est
Toronto Engineering Eglinton Scarborough Crosstown Tunnel * $320
Toronto Transit Commission
Ottawa Commercial Frank Clair Stadium and Civic Centre 206 $129
(5 storeys; 1 structure), 1015 Bank Street, will be LEED Certified
Ottawa 67's Hockey Club, Shenkman Corp., City of Ottawa, Trinity Development Group, Minto Developments Inc.
Toronto Commercial Globe and Mail Headquarters 480 $92
(19 storeys; 1 structure), 6 Spadina Avenue, will be LEED Certified
Woodbridge Company Ltd.
Mississauga Commercial ProLogis Canada Warehouse 910 $86
(1 storey; 2 structures), Argentia Road and Tenth Line, will be LEED Certified
ProLogis Canada
Winnipeg Institutional Women's Hospital Redevelopment Project 385 $157
(5 storeys; 1 structure), 665 Williams Avenue
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Calgary Engineering Narrows Lake In-Situ Oil Sands SAGD, Phases 1-3 * $2,400
Cenovus Energy
Wood Buffalo Engineering Long Lake Oil Sands Facility, Phase 2 * $110
Nexen Inc.
Wood Buffalo Engineering Kinosis 1A SAGD Project * $100
Nexen Inc.
Rainbow Lake Engineering Northwest Mainline Loop, Timberwolf Section * $78
Nova Gas Transmission Ltd.
TOTALS:     2,241 $3,587

*A square footage measure does not apply for alteration and engineering work.
Trend lines of construction starts in Canada – November 2012
Moving totals of the latest 12 months* (CanaData Figures)
Trend lines of construction starts in Canada – November 2012
*For example, the November 2012 figure is the sum of the monthly numbers for December 2011 through November 2012.
†ICI is the sum of industrial, commercial and institutional.
The prominent jumps in the engineering curve reflect such mega project starts as Horizon Oil Sands work in Alberta (March 2005), the Eastmain 1-A hydroelectric power project in northern Québec (June 2007), the Kearl Oil Sands Project in Alberta (April 2010), the Firebag 4 SAGD Oil Sands project in Alberta (June 2011) and the Voyageur heavy oil processing plant Alberta (August 2011). In May 2010, the ICI curve shot upward due to the McGill University medical centre project in Montreal. In March 2012, Alcan's modernization project in Kitimat was initiated.
Data source and chart: Reed Construction Data – CanaData.