Market Intelligence to Drive Your Business Success

Managing your company in a constantly changing environment requires a market intelligence tool that can change with you.

cūbus is a dynamic new market intelligence solution that delivers unmatched visibility into the construction market. Backed by Reed Construction Data’s live project information, cūbus gives you the power to confidently advance your company’s strategic decisions toward profitable growth.

Gain intelligence you need to develop sound, strategic business solutions and stay a step ahead of your competition with cūbus.

Insight from a New Perspective

Using intelligent building models from RSMeans, Demand View instantly quantifies product demand across the entire universe of Reed’s new construction projects, including projects in planning and bidding stages without specifications, and displays the information in a visual, intuitive format within cūbus.

Discover how cūbus + Demand View adds unparalleled insight to your strategic planning.

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Cubism… art defined by Picasso and Braque

In creating Cubist art, Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque took real-life objects, shattered them into pieces and then presented them in an entirely new way. Subjects originally viewed from a single perspective are shown from every possible angle, from multiple vantage points and in greater context.

The Cubist artists effectively create a more complete representation of the subject.

cūbus… intelligence defined by Reed Construction Data

Inspired by the innovation and power of Cubist art, Reed Construction Data’s cūbus slices into a multi-faceted database of construction information and artfully brings the data into focus from entirely new vantage points.

Showing the market from multiple perspectives, cūbus effectively delivers intelligence with overall strategic value for your organization.

cūbus… the art of intelligence

The CŪBUS painting, shown throughout Reed Construction Data’s website and cūbus’ collateral material, is the work of Cubist artist Edelweiss Calcagno. Ms. Calcagno, an internationally-recognized visual artist, created the piece specifically for Reed Construction Data.