RS Means leverages its deep commercial cost data research experience to perform a broad range of customer-specific research that helps facility owners and their representatives better manage their assets.

Means works for federal agencies, program managers, commercial real estate owners, insurers and contractors throughout the US and internationally—providing building cost models, quantifying preventative maintenance investments and capital replacement values, and analyzing lifecycle costs.

Vast whole building models, square foot, building assemblies, and unit price databases can be created and leveraged to provide parametric estimating capabilities. Research into local market conditions can help owners more reliably predict program costs. Productivity analysis can help building product manufacturers demonstrate their value proposition , help contractors evaluate LEAN and efficiency improvements, and help owners protect their financial interests.

Custom price books and hybrid products can provide the basis for Job Order Contracts and other construction programs when owners have unusual construction requirements.

Custom software can be developed and populated with customer-specific RS Means construction and preventative maintenance cost and program data to drive intelligent facility investment decisions.

For more information on our custom cost engineering services, please contact Lisa Cooley at 505-239-3446

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Reed Construction Data has been a very valuable tool in our search for projects to quote. Their system is very user friendly but maybe more importantly is the personal help that is offered when extra information is required. We would be lost without Reed."
Don Hallford
Cotton & Welshe, Inc.
Reed has helped us tremendously to obtain large commercial building projects. In addition we have established good friendships with some well known architectural firms. It has been a pleasure working with Reed."
Manuel Saucedo

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