The Expansion Index from Reed Construction Data is a 12 to 18 month "look ahead" at the construction marketplace. It indicates whether a location's construction volume is expected to expand or shrink in the upcoming 12 months. The Expansion Index is updated monthly, with the chart below representing data from November 2013 by MSA. The next update is scheduled for December 2013.

Available Expansion Index Views
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Locations with shrinking construction markets (an Expansion Index of 1.0 or less)
Locations with expanding construction markets (an Expansion Index greater than 1.0)
"Hot spots" - locations that are rapidly growing (an Expansion Index greater than 5.0) Construction volume in these locations is expanding dramatically in the next 12 months.
Clicking on a marker on the map reveals the exact value of that Metro Area's Expansion Index.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's behind the Expansion Index?

RCD (Reed Construction Data) collects data about commercial non-residential construction projects across all vertical markets from architects in the US and Canada. Included in the database is new construction, renovation, and stimulus recovery projects

How many vertical markets are represented in the data?

The data is all commercial non residential data, with vertical markets such as retail, medical, government, education, etc. included.

How can I tell if a market is expanding or contracting?

A value of 1.0 or better indicates an expanding market. A value of 1.0 or less indicates a contracting market.

What other analyses can be done from this data?

Available as a paper report or Web-based dashboard, expansion analyses are available for specific vertical markets, such as healthcare, education or retail. Other market size and market opportunity studies are also available.

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