The Reed Construction Starts database is a comprehensive source of construction activity statistics designed to give you the most important business planning information in a highly efficient and effective way.

The database contains monthly construction activity statistics, recorded in both square footage and dollar value figures. The data is reported on a U.S. county-level basis and covers all major construction property types, providing detailed analysis of market trends and what they mean to the construction industry.

Use the Reed Construction Starts Interactive Database to help you with business planning by using objective market data to better plan the growth. It can help you understand how your market is responding to economic pressures and how well it performs each year compared to other markets. Learn where to focus your resources for the highest possible return and set realistic sales goals based on opportunity. Estimate market share/market penetration and measure the market potential for specific products

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Also Available: Monthly PDF Trend Reports

Monthly PDF summaries are available for the U.S., all 50 states, all U.S. MSAs and customer-defined, county-based territories. The annual fee is $499.
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A monthly analysis of construction start activity across Canada and by region, the construction starts product provides accurate and complete information, ahead of government statistics, on square footage totals, number of units, dollar value and percentage change over the year. The construction starts product allows you to identify geographic markets that represent the best opportunities in the coming year, find new revenue opportunities, estimate market potential and compare your sales achievement to the total potential market.

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