specEdge provides the defining marketing edge

The targeted specEdge approach lets you strategically tailor and deliver your information to an audience of AEC decision-makers ready to select, ensuring your products or services are top-of-mind for specifications and sales. Your campaign can be as unique as your products. Plus, specEdge helps you gauge not only the execution quality of your campaign, but also the results, with metrics and detailed reports that allow you to follow up with potential clients.

Increase your brand visibility, get specified, drive sales and gain an edge over your competition—with specEdge.

The four-step specEdge process:

  1. Select your target market—define your ideal target market through specEdge target preferences.
  2. Choose your campaign timing—deliver your campaign to design and construction professionals at specific stages of the project cycle.
  3. Execute and deliver your campaign—engage industry professionals through your choice of delivery channels: email, direct mail, e-newsletters and online listings.
  4. Measure your success—combine specEdge with Reed Construction Data’s market intelligence tools to track campaign impact over time.
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"SpecEdge provides far superior leads than any trade show… Trade shows can be 'hit-or-miss.' SpecEdge leads are dead-on!"
 - Mark Tyrol, President
  Battic Door Energy Conservation Products