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Reed Construction Data provides pre-design project leads free of charge to architects & design professionals in exchange for you providing us with project information and plans on projects released to bid. Use these leads to find more work for your firm, since in most cases an architect has not been assigned yet.

Below is a sample of the pre-design leads available in New York. To get access to all leads, become a member of our accessArchitecture program now!

Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Regulatory Approval
Details: Townhome[s],Theater,Office Thought Box 1 Will Be A 450,000 Sq. Ft. Integrated Commercial/ Residential Center. It Will Be Designed To Provide Space Primarily For Information Tech Companies, Offering The Potential For Successful Startup Entrepreneurs To Expand Without Moving. Thought Box 1 Will Have Common Areas To Encourage Informal Communication. The Identified Building Offers A Fitness Center And Will Have A 200-Seat Auditorium. The 25 Initial Housing Units Will Enable Companies To Attract Or Retain Employees By Providing Affordable And Convenient Living Spaces In A Region Where High Housing Costs Impede Workforce Recruitment.
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Dev Selection Underway
Details: Condominium[s],Restaurant,Shopping Center,Office New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) Is Seeking Expressions Of Interest For The Disposition And Redevelopment Of Either Or Both Of Two Parcels (Collectively, The “Sites”) Located On The Waterfront Of St. George, Staten Island, New York. This Request for Expressions of Interest (“RFEI”) Is Not Intended As A Formal Offering For A Future Negotiated Transaction. However, NYCEDC Reserves The Right To Select A Developer Or Developers For Either, Both, Or Any Part Of The Properties On The Basis Of The Responses To This RFEI Without Further Process. For The Above Reasons, NYCEDC Strongly Encourages All Parties Interested In Redeveloping All Or A Portion Of The Sites To Submit Proposals In Response To This RFEI. This RFEI concerns two separate waterfront parcels. The Sites sit on a former rail yard that was once adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. They are currently used as parking for both the Richmond County Bank Ballpark (the “Ballpark”) and the St. George Terminal of the Staten Island Ferry (the “Ferry Terminal”). The first site (the “North Site”) consists of a portion of Staten Island Block 2, Lot 20, the boundaries of which are approximately the following: to the north and northeast: the waterfront access road; to the southeast: the Ballpark; to the south: a retaining wall at Richmond Terrace and, running adjacent to Richmond Terrace, the right-of-way for the North Shore Rail Line (the “ROW”); and to the west: the boundary that Nicholas Street would form if it continued directly across Lot 20. It consists of approximately 7.4 acres. The Second Site (The “South Site”) Consists Of A Separate Portion Of Staten Island Block 2, Lot 20, As Well As Portions Of Lots 1, 5, And 10. The Boundaries Of The South Site Are Approximately The Following: To The Northeast: The Waterfront Access Road And Ferry Terminal; To The East Andsoutheast: The Ferry Terminal And The Edge Of The Parking Lot; To The South And Southwest: The ROW; And To The Northwest: The Boundary That The Vehicle Ramp From Richmond Terrace To The Waterfront Access Road Will Form When Its Construction Is Complete. It Consists Of Approximately 6.7 Acres. Both The North Site And The South Site Are Zoned M1-1. They Are Located In The North Shore Empire Zone, Which, Through The New York State Excelsior Program, Provides A Variety Of Discretionary Tax Credits And Incentives Intended To Attract And Expand Businesses. The Shoreline Area Along Richmond Terrace Lies Within A Coastal Zone As Designated By The New York City Waterfront Revitalization Program.
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Environmental Review
Details: Townhome[s],Condominium[s],Apartments,Food Store,Individual Store,Restaurant,Shopping Center,Entertainment Closet,Customer Service,Dining,Display,Food Preparation,Food Storage,Maintenance,Office[s],Restroom,Sales,Clubhouse,Dwelling Units,Individual Garage Plans For An Environmentally Friendly, Carbon Neutral Mixed Residential And Commercial Development. Site Will Include Multi-Family Townhouses, Apartment Style Buildings, Row Townhomes, And Duplexes As Well As Custom Single Family Homes And Small Single Family Homes, . Property Is Being Developed As A Single Site Condominium Ownership. The Center Of The Development Will Be A City Center, Consisting Of Retail And Office Space Designed To Reduce Vehical Traffic Into The City Of Ithaca And Maintain Walking Access To Amenities.
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Regulatory Approval
Details: Medical Laboratory,Medical Research Facility Proposed Project Is For The Construction Of A New 8,000 Square Foot Advanced Drug Testing Facility At The CSHL Genome Center. Construction Commencement By June Of 2013; Project Completed By June Of 2014.
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Masterplanning In Progress
Details: Individual Store Vehicle Parking Proposed Development Of A 10-Acre Site With Approximately 130,000 Square Feet Of Village Style Retail.

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