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Reed Construction Data provides pre-design project leads free of charge to architects & design professionals in exchange for you providing us with project information and plans on projects released to bid. Use these leads to find more work for your firm, since in most cases an architect has not been assigned yet.

Below is a sample of the pre-design leads available in Oklahoma. To get access to all leads, become a member of our accessArchitecture program now!

Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Owner Review
Details: Medical Office,Clinics Communications,Computer,Customer Service,Diagnostic Area,Doctor's Offices,Dressing/Changing,Examination,Nurse's Station,Outpatient Clinics,Patient Rooms/Beds,Records Storage,Restroom,Treatment
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Feasibility Study
Details: Hospital, Clinics Break Room, Closet, Computer, Diagnostic Area, Doctor's Offices, Dressing/Changing, Examination, Nursing, Patient Rooms/Beds, Restroom
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Design Development In Progress
Details: Hotels Fitness,Food Preparation,Guest Room[s],Laundry,Lobby,Lounge,Maintenance,Mechanical Room,Meeting Room,Office[s],Restroom,Swimming Pool,Vehicle Parking New Hotel
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Feasibility Study
Details: Office
Work Type: New Construction
Status: Proposed Pending Financing
Details: Condominium[s],Individual Store,Shopping Center,Office Office[s],Restroom,Sales,Shipping/Receiving,Vehicle Parking,Vending,Dwelling Units

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