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  • Question: A question was asked on Twitter if we agreed with Dr. Harry M. Davis' article that “ the US economy will continue to disappoint?” read answer
  • Question:

    As we are budgeting our construction costs for 2014, we struggle with determining an inflation factor to be applied to our actual costs for 2013.

    We are primarily TI work, with approximately 10% of our work in shell and site work. Does Reed Construction Data have a point of view as to what we should expect with regards to inflation for these construction costs?

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  • Question:

    There are 3 parts to this question:

    1. For cost given in dollars by RSMeans, how does RSMeans consider the time-dependent fluctuating factors, including inflation and USD versus CAD exchange rate?
    2. What about the City-dependent factors that cause differences between two cities in the same time period?
    3. For equipment cost given in RSMeans, does hourly rate consider ownership cost (rental) only? Is operating cost (fuel) out or are both included?
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  • Question: In regard to 04 22 10.23 6400 For special deeper colors...add, does this imply that the split face CMU only comes in a natural finish or are lighter colored units included in the base cost? Also does same apply to Fluted, Ground Face, and Split Rig units as well? read answer
  • Question:

    I have been using multiple years of the Building Construction Cost Data to look at the productivity information for various activity items.

    My first question is how do you decide what the "daily output" and "labor-hours" for each activity is?

    My second question is how do you decide if and when the "daily output" and "labor-hours" should be changed from year to year? Perhaps there is additional information in one of your reference or methodology books?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  • Question:

    A question was posted to our twitter feed.

    Labor growth does not match housing starts growth. Is the housing starts data missing any portions of the workforce?

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  • Question: What is the cost estimate for retapping and finishing bubbled drywall tape leaving ready for painting? This is both walls and ceilings in residential remodeling. read answer
  • Question: What are the estimated costs to build a cemetery on the CA central coast? If you do not have the estimated costs, would you be able to provide a budgeting form for cemeteries? read answer
  • Question:

    I am running a course project where students have to estimate the financial feasibility of a land development project. They need to identify unit costs for roads, stormwater, sewerage, electricity, landscaping and various building types.

    Of your products do you have one that would be suited to this? Is there a student version available?

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  • Question: What is a reasonable cost for warranty on specialized piece of equipment such as an elevator with 350 FPM and 8 stops? read answer
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