In regard to 04 22 10.23 6400 For special deeper colors...add, does this imply that the split face CMU only comes in a natural finish or are lighter colored units included in the base cost? Also does same apply to Fluted, Ground Face, and Split Rig units as well?
Luke Cooper
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


One of the sources we use for the material cost information found in Division 4 has 24 different colors available for split face block.  Of course, the deeper the color, the more it takes to manufacture and thus the greater cost to the end user.

The prices for the regular gray color and white are displayed in your cost data.  For estimating purposes, it is proper to add the “for special deeper colors, add” line for all other colors.

The same facts as stated above apply to fluted, ground face and split rib.

Bob Mewis
Director of Engineering

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