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  • Question: What is the average per square foot construction cost for assisted living facilities in the Southeast? read answer
  • Question:

    My church is considering installation of either ceramic tiles or high quality carpet on our polished concrete floor in the sanctuary.

    Approximately 12,000 square feet are involved. What cost (either per square foot or for the entire 12,000 square feet) can I expect in a quote from a contractor?

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  • Question:

    I need to determine square foot replacement costs for a 2-story casino with multiple slots, gaming tables, restuatrants and retail stores.

    Do you have data available to produce a square foot estimate that can be based upon calculation of the various use areas within the casino?

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  • Question: Is it possible to operate MeansCostWorks online with Apple's Safari browser? If not what browsers work well with it? read answer
  • Question: My house is under construction and I need to finish up the roof. What can be done to keep the top floor (2nd floor) cool in the summer? Is there any way to cut the solar heat penetration through the roof? read answer
  • Question: In documentation, the crew equipment rate is calculated based on a daily equipment rate divided by an 8-hour day. In the RSMeans book series it appears the equipment crew rate is the daily equipment rate divided by labor hours. Which is correct? read answer
  • Question: What is the difference between the embankment cubic yards (ECY) and loose cubic yards (LCY) designation? Please explain both. read answer
  • Question:

    How can I figure the plumbing cost of an 1800 Sf latrine facility which would include the following:

    • Mens Room - 6 toilets, 3 urinals, 6 sinks, and 8 showers
    • Womens Room - 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 shower.

    Any help would be great

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  • Question:

    A question was posted to our twitter feed.

    Who analyzes and forecasts the Expansion Index data? What is the data based upon?

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  • Question:

    I`m currently looking at the Electrical Cost Data 2012 - under 26 22 13.10 (line 5670) 15kV/480V Dry Transformer and the suggested cost is 79000$ compared to the Department of Energy recent study average of 40000$ for exactly the same type and size.

    What was considered in that item that could explain that difference? My in-house estimators and I are interested in learning more about this.

    The average number given in the latest technical support document published by US Department of Energy concerning transformers (dry and wet) was 46,484$ for a 1500 kVA Dry Transformer 15kV Primary 480Y/277V Secondary 95 kV BIL with low at 33,000$ and high at 78,859$.

    The main factor is the winding material, at the top of the list are the copper-copper windings and at the bottom, mainly the Alu-Alu windings. The same thing for the 4.16 kV Primary at 1500 kVA.

    Now a day, the aluminum windings are the norm and the copper windings are offered by some suppliers only as an option.

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