RSMeans Facilities Construction Estimating Seminar

September 24-25, 2013 in Jacksonville, FL view other dates & locations


Combining hands-on skill-building with a discussion of best estimating practices and real-life problems, this informative two day mini-course will boost your estimating skills, bring you up-to-date with key concepts, and provide tips, pointers and guidelines that can save you time. . .help you avoid costly estimating oversights and errors.


Taught by the renowned estimators and engineers of RSMeans, Facilities Construction Estimating focuses on unit price estimating for facilities renovation, repair and remodeling. It’s particularly suited to facilities professionals and anyone involved in facilities planning, design, construction or involved with estimating and negotiating facility job order contracts (including JOC, SABER, and IDIQ).

Utilizing the RSMeans Facilities Construction Cost Data with over 1500 pages and 45,000 unit cost lines, this all-inclusive cost annual puts everything you need -- all in one place -- to estimate any facility construction project in the year ahead: renovation, new construction, projects of any size or scope, or anywhere nationwide. The class workbook designed specifically for this course offers practical, hands-on exercises that build and hone your estimating skills, and provide practice in solving real-life estimating problems.

Who should attend?

With its emphasis on preparing unit price estimates for facilities renovation projects this two-day mini-course is especially appropriate for facility managers, architects, engineers, contractors, facility trades-people, planners, project managers and those involved with JOC, SABER OR IDIQ.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn. . .

  • The estimating process: An overview
  • Your cost data - key to success: You'll learn how using RSMeans Facilities Construction Cost Data can save you time and boost accuracy, how to get maximum value from this incomparable cost resource, how to customize and adapt RSMeans’ costs
  • Establishing the scope of work to ensure your estimate accounts for all knowns and variables
  • Budget estimating: When, why and how
  • The site visit: What to look for and what you can’t afford to overlook
  • When project costing makes sense and how to do it reliably
  • Saving time by estimating project “assemblies”
  • The quantity take-off: Techniques for doing it better. . .faster
  • How to estimate labor costs - including crew hours, equipment and more
  • Common estimating errors and how to avoid them
  • How to estimate repair & remodeling variables like on-going operation, limited access, minimum labor and equipment charges, and more
  • Creative solutions to estimating problems
  • Change orders: How to minimize them, how to estimate them, how to negotiate the revised cost
  • Budget presentation: Doing it better can improve negotiations and outcomes!
  • Why you can't use “new construction” methods to estimate maintenance, renovation and repair
  • And more!


Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport
14565 Duval Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32218

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This course qualifies for AIA and AACE continuing education credits!
Included with Seminar

A class workbook and Facilities Construction Cost Data 2013

David J. Lewek (read bio)
Robert Kuchta (read bio)
Wayne J. Del Pico (read bio)
Robert W. Mewis (read bio)
Stephen C. Plotner (read bio)