RSMeans Facilities Construction Estimating Seminar

With the economy in turmoil and every dollar expected to do the work of two, it's more important than ever to manage your budget at every stage. Facilities Construction Estimating will give you the tools you need to maintain financial control over every project by generating reliable estimates at every stage -- from initial go/no-go decision to final unit cost estimate -- in less time than you'd think.

Upcoming Dates for RSMeans Facilities Construction Estimating Seminar

Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - September 11-12, 2013  
Jacksonville, FL - September 24-25, 2013  
Charleston, SC - October 22-23, 2013  
Houston, TX - October 29-30, 2013  
Orlando, FL - November 4, 2013  
Baltimore, MD - November 5-6, 2013  
San Antonio, TX - December 10-11, 2013  
San Diego, CA - December 11-12, 2013  
Raleigh, NC - December 11-12, 2013  

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