Business Case Study - Survey Of Spending Patterns In Educational Facilities

04/27/2009 by Donna Cahan

In order to develop a targeted vertical marketing strategy for the primary and secondary education markets a leading seat manufacturer engaged RSMeans Business Solutions to conduct a Benchmark Research Study and develop a demand model to determine the market size of seating for construction projects in the K-8 and high school sector.

The purpose of the consulting engagement was to access “market-size” for construction projects in the educational sector. Furthermore, an analysis was to be conducted of spending patterns within educational institutions for seating. For purposes of this project, the educational sector is defined as K-6, middle school, high school, and colleges & universities.

The project involved a state-by-state survey of spending patterns in educational facilities as well as the development of a model to predict future demand. RSMeans Business Solutions interviewed designers of school projects to identify trends in school design and to determine current practices on selecting school seating. Major areas addressed in the survey included the impact of NCLB (No Child Left Behind) legislation and class size initiatives, school security, technology, non-traditional schools and amenities.

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