Metal Buildings

12/18/2007 by Rob Sommers

Tom, age 12, was backing the 4-wheel hay wagon into the dairy barn with a team of horses for the first time. The barn was post and beam. The custom wooden joints between the beams and columns were secured with wooden pegs — no steel. There are very few wooden post and beam barns like this being built today! Today, the leading choice is pre-engineered metal buildings. Think of the advantages:

Many pre-engineered metal buildings of all styles, shapes, and sizes for all uses are now being built — from comfort stations to aircraft hangars. They are manufactured by many companies and are usually erected by franchised dealers. The five basic types are: clear span rigid frame, clear span tapered beam frame, single post 2-span frame, double post 3-span frame, triple post 4-span frame.

The replacement of an old wooden post and beam maintenance barn by a new high-tech, pre-engineered metal building on our local golf course is an example of modern technology and efficiency.

No wood! Looking at materials from the inside out, we have:

The office section inside the building has light metal studs and trim. All the fasteners are special screws — no nails. Even the plumbing is cast iron — no PVC.

For a quick estimate of the cost/SF of your new prefabricated metalbuilding, go to RSMeans Building Construction Cost Data: Div. 13 34.

Select the basic requirements:

Then start adding the accessories.

Remember, the basic estimated costs from Div. 13 34 do not include the foundations and floors for your building.

Another quick and easy option to get an estimated cost for your building is to go online and get competitive quotes from several prefabricated metalbuilding companies.

For over 60 years, prefabricated metalbuilding have gained popularity throughout the world. Just choose the function, size, and style — and there’s a metal building waiting to be erected.