Roll Up Doors

12/02/2008 by Rob Sommers

Roll up doors have many applications and several material choices in both the commercial and residential markets.

The materials that could be used to make a roll up door are varied for the application. Wood is aesthetically pleasing coming in a variety of stains and finishes, and gives a rich look, with the idea of the roll top desk in mind. Finishing wood doors should include the edges to protect against moisture and warping. Wood is typically use for an interior application, such as for a countertop or for a larger opening.

Steel, aluminum, or glass with the other metals as a frame work may be used primarily in the exterior application. However, any of these may also be used for an interior application such as a shopping mall entrance to an individual store or a countertop. The interior application using steel or aluminum may be constructed as an open grille, still strong enough to provide security for a store. Solid versions of the door may be fire rated. Vinyl may also be used in the garage door application.

Hardware is also varied in that simple hardware is a track attached to a frame along the sides of the door. Heavily used doors would more than likely have a motor and chain drive appropriate in size to the weigh of the door, to accomplish the actual raising or lowering of the door in a timely fashion. In addition there would be a header at the top of the door for added rigidity and strength.

Any of the above doors may be customized for local applications and preference. Steel doors may have a baked on or powdered finish. Steel doors may also be strengthened to protect against impact. The glass in the doors may have low-e, be tempered or impact resistant. The configuration of the lites may be adapted to a modern or colonial appearance.

In addition a soffit or hood may be added at the top of the door to conceal hardware or enhance the overall appearance of the door.