Entrance Storefront and Curtain Wall Cost Estimating Tips

Curtain Walls - Glazed curtain walls consist of the metal tube framing and the glazing material. The cost data for this subdivision is presented for the metal tube framing alone or the composite wall.

If your estimate requires a detailed takeoff of the framing, be sure to add the glazing cost. Read more about estimating glazing costs.

Handicap Access - While the drawings may not show it, local codes may require special hardware and opening systems to allow a structure to be accessible to the handicapped. Contact the local authorities for related codes and requirements.

Building Hardware - As a rule of thumb, building hardware for an average quality building can be expected to run in the neighborhood of 2% of the entire building cost. However, security requirements and wiring of the hardware may drive up the cost.

Cost Estimating Resources from RSMeans

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