Equipment generally refers to the total package of equipment that is required for a particular project`s type of construction. For example, Equipment for a bank would include teller windows, package transfer units, automatic banking equipment, vault doors, safe deposit boxes, etc.

Equipment items are usually counted individually, as most are sold that way. To estimate Equipment, begin with a review of the specifications. Items to be included may be listed singly, or grouped. Approved manufacturers may also be listed. Note that some items may not be listed in the specifications, but may appear on the drawings only. Review each and every drawing for items to be included or hinted at, (e.g., on the concrete drawings, an item such as "concrete base for book depository" may be included). Such items should be investigated to determine who is responsible for supplying them. The drawings may also designate items that are supplied "by others" or not in the contractor`s scope of work.

Quite often the equipment listed in Equipment is purchased directly by the owner of the facility. In some cases, the contractor installs the equipment, while in others the owner arranges for the installation. Where it is determined that the installation of the owner-supplied equipment is the contractor`s responsibility, the labor should be figured separately and on a unit basis.

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11 05 00 - Common Work results for Equipment
11 06 00 - Schedules for Equipment
11 08 00 - Commissioning of Equipment
11 10 00 - Vehicle and Pedestrian Equipment
11 15 00 - Security Detention and Banking Equipment
11 20 00 - Commercial Equipment
11 30 00 - Residential Equipment
11 40 00 - Foodservice Equipment
11 50 00 - Educational and Scientific Equipment
11 60 00 - Entertainment Equipment
11 70 00 - Healthcare Equipment
11 80 00 - Collection and Disposal Equipment
11 90 00 - Other Equipment


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