Plumbing Fixtures BIM Objects

Below we have listed all the BIM Objects, both generic and manufacturer specific, that are available for download for Plumbing Fixtures (MasterFormat® division 22 40 00) and all subdivisions below it.

Generic BIM Objects

Shower With Glass Door Reed Shower Steam 2 Reed
Shower Body Reed Tub Base Reed
Tub Shower Glass Door Reed Water Cooler Reed
Toilet 2D 3 Reed Toilet 2D 4 Reed
Toilet 2D 2 Reed Toilet 2D 1 Reed
Toilet Reed Toilet Standard Reed
Toilet Elongated Reed Sink Kitchen Double Reed
Sink Kitchen Double 2D Reed Sink 2D 9 Reed
Sink 2D 7 Reed Sink 2D 8 Reed
Sink 2D 6 Reed Sink 2D 4 Reed
Sink 2D 5 Reed Sink 2D 3 Reed
Sink 2D 2 Reed Sink 2D 3A Reed
Sink 2D 2A Reed Sink 2D 18 Reed
Sink 2D 1 Reed Sink 2D 16 Reed
Sink 2D 17 Reed Sink 2D 15 Reed
Sink 2D 14 Reed Sink 2D 12 Reed
Sink 2D 13 Reed Sink 2D 11 Reed
Sink 2D 10 Reed Bathtub 3 Reed
Tub Corner Reed Bathtub 2 Reed
Bathtub 1 Reed Garbage Disposal Reed
Dispenser HotWater Reed Toilet Wall Mounted 2 Reed
Toilet Wall Mounted Reed Toilet Floor Mounted 2 Reed
Garbage Disposal Reed Dispenser HotWater Reed
FlushValve Automatic Reed DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Traditional 1 Reed
DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Traditional Reed DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Sculptured Reed
DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Recessed Reed DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Multi User Reed
DrinkingFountain Wall Mounted Elongated Reed DrinkingFountain Pedestal Reed
DrinkingFountain Pedestal Double Reed
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