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Precast concrete is concrete that is cast in molds, or forms, either on or off site, before final placement. Extremely versatile, it is used in numerous residential, commercial and industrial applications. Components can include slabs, piles, wall panels, beams, columns, stairways - even entire rooms and building systems.

Precast concrete can be produced assembly-line fashion in a controlled environment, which decreases production time and costs while also enabling proper curing. This improves the quality of the finished concrete by helping to increase its strength and durability. Products available for use with precast concrete include reusable concrete forms, as well as reinforcements, inserts and accessories, all available in differing types, sizes, functions and costs according to application.

Available in an infinite number of shapes and with a variety of exterior surface finishes, precast concrete offers a unique combination of strength, durability and beauty to enhance and complement any structure.

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