Precast Concrete Cost Estimating Tips

Precast concrete quantities are taken off in either square feet or by the piece, depending on usage and the type of unit being considered.

The cost of hauling precast concrete structural members is often an improtant factor. For this reason, it is important to get a quote from the nearest supplier. It may become economically feasible to set up precasting beds on the site if the hauling costs are prohibitive.

General Tips for Estimating Concrete

It cannot be stressed enough to carefully check all the plans and specifications. Concrete often appears on drawings other than structural drawings, including mechanical and electrical drawings for equipment pads and grouting requirements on steel drawings. Assuming all concrete requirements are indicated on the structural and architectural drawings can be a costly error.

Always obtain concrete prices from suppliers near the job site. A volume discount can often be negotiated, depending upon competition in the area. remember to add for waste, particularily for slabs and footings on grade.

Cost Estimating Resources from RSMeans

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