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Product Overview

Renowned for their quality, durability and flexibility, ASI’s proprietary interior and exterior modular signage and wayfinding systems beautifully and professionally communicate brand identity in corporate, education, healthcare and hospitality applications.

Exterior Signage

Modular Systems

  • Available in 3 standard models
  • Styling includes traditional post and panel, slim-lined panels and curved face panels
  • Configurable to meet unique, site-specific requirements
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Wall, center post, monolith, suspended or projected mounting, depending on model
  • Ground sleeve, flange or direct burial installation, depending on model

Custom Solutions

  • Illuminated Custom Exterior – Durable, weather resistant materials and long-lasting, energy efficient lighting ensures longevity; photocell illumination available; can be integrated into the building energy management system
  • Custom Exterior Signage – Typical uses include main site identity, site entrance identity, vehicular and pedestrian directionals, and informational and regulatory signage
  • ASI Solar Series – Internally illuminated by 100% off-grid solar power; ideal for applications in which traditional electrical power is unavailable

Interior Signage

ADA-Ready™ signage includes Braille and raised elements, tactile elements or machined and pressed elements. Available in 8 standard models:

  • Emboss™ – Economical signage made from polycarbonate face bonded to acrylic mounting panel; offers high tolerance for cleaning agents and is resistant to vandalism
  • InForm – Made from a thermoplastic alloy and is characterized by its fingerprint and graffiti resistant stipple surface texture
  • InTac™ – Can be combined with frames or window inserts and is available on a wide variety of substrates, including wood laminates, acrylics and metal
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  • InTac™ Eco – Combines GREENGUARD Certified fabrication processes and materials, low VOC paint and UV digitally printed graphics
  • InTouch™ – Made of a single-piece photopolymer with a durable matte topcoat that resists cleaning agents and vandalism
  • InTouch™ 2 – Made of a single-piece photopolymer and is ideal for applications that require a wide range of colors, profiles and 3-dimensional details
  • SignEtch™ – Made of photochemically etched metal with brasstone, bronzetone, coppertone or silvertone finish
  • Terra ADA-Ready™ – Made of ecoresin™, a 40% post-industrial recycled material; message panels can be updated without replacing the entire sign

Custom Signage – Types include wall-mounted directional signage, directories, floor stands, monoliths, updateable window signs, and suspended and projecting signs

Modular Signage

  • Available in 8 standard models to meet a variety of budgets and application requirements
  • Configurations include single-piece, 2-piece frame and insert, 2-piece metal chassis model with attachment, front-loading panels with interchangeable inserts, and 2-piece panel models with mechanical fasteners
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  • Styles are available in flat-face and curve-face designs appropriate for environments from contemporary to distinguished
  • All models accept ADA-Ready™ panels
  • Sign types vary by model and can include desktop and cubicle mounted nameplates; countertop signs; countertop paper insert signs; wall mounted room, suite and restroom signs; wall mounted directional signs with multiple panels; wall mounted directories/map inserts; wall mounted patient room ID signs with magnetic patient restriction inserts; wall mounted in-use slider room signs; letter paper inserts and evacuation route signs; double-sided projecting signs; double-sided suspended signs; interior monoliths; window signs; floor stands
  • Offered with a wide selection of panel materials, decorative features, sizes, backgrounds, colors, finish options, accessories and text types/styles according to model

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters and Logos – Available in a variety of materials and finishes, and in custom type styles, sizes and depths:

  • Fabricated Metal Letters – Rated for interior and exterior use
  • Cut Metal Letters – Rated for interior and exterior use
  • Metal Laminate Cut Letters – Rated for interior use
  • Cast Metal Letters – Rated for interior and exterior use
  • Molded Plastic Letters – Rated for interior and exterior use
  • Precision Cut Acrylic Letters – Rated for interior and exterior use
  • Vinyl Lettering – Rated for interior and exterior use

Donor Recognition Solutions – Standard or custom signage solutions available in permanent, expandable or temporary configurations

SignEtch™ II – Traditional etched plaque signage for identification, memorial, commemorative and donor recognition applications; rated for both interior and exterior use; created from aluminum, brass, bronze or stainless steel; standard and custom thicknesses available; raised and recessed surface options; standard rectangular shape with custom shapes available; offered in a variety of standard and custom colors; 5 installation options

Digital Signage

ASI offers digital signage for both exterior and interior environments that communicates information with beautifully-designed options. Whether an exterior digital display or an interior touch-screen system, ASI can develop a digital solution that meets both functional and aesthetic needs.

  • Custom Digital Interior Signage – Configurable to meet specific project applications, including information boards, directories, interactive kiosks, wayfinding displays, donor recognition boards, large format video walls, hotdesking, and room/suite ID
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  • Helix – Interior digital signage with industrial grade screens that are designed to operate 24/7; designed for architectural environments such as lobbies and landings; four standard sign types include interactive directories and displays, info boards, wayfinder boards and room schedulers; a variety of display sizes are available according to sign type; customization available
  • Ariadne™ – Interior digital signage keeps visitors and staff informed with instant messages and up-to-date information; available in 5 sizes of PNG and/or multimedia displays that support RSS, Flash, Internet/Intranet, streaming media and/or video
  • Exterior Message Centers – Energy-efficient LED display can be integrated into a custom monument or mounted directly to the facility façade; available in monochrome, single color grayscale, RGB medium and high-resolution displays
  • eFlex – Designed for hotdesking environments, these paperless and wireless desktop or wall mounted signs display text information for room and desktop ID’s that is updated remotely and is linkable from sources such as spreadsheets or facility management system

Visit the ASI Signage website for individual Product Profiles or for CSI Product Specifications.

Usage Examples & Case Studies:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York
InterContinental Chicago
University of Iowa Boathouse
Upstate University Hospital
Saddleback College
The Nia Center
Phoenix Childrens Hospital NICU
Prescott Valley Library
Manulife Financial
Alliance Town Center

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