Air Filtration Solutions

Product Overview

DUSTLOK PANELS AND LINK PANELS (medium and high efficiency)

The Fiberobond Dustlok panels are distinct, with their unique construction assembling two (2) high quality media to obtain three (3) distinct layers. The white media, installed on the «air inlet side», are highly consistant allowing a better dust retention for depth loading. The orange and white «Dual-Ply» media is batted to create a third density on the «air inlet side», allowing exceptional dust retention and high efficiency in the ASHRAE standard tests. The two medias are securely heat sealed with a matrix around a 9 gauge internal wire grid reinforced with two (2) central spindles. Standard panels are available in twelve (12) dimensions and come in boxes of twenty-four (24). Non-standard sizes will be fabricated in our plant, according to your specific dimensions. Dustlok link panels are made to be used in side access housings because they eliminate leaks between each filter.


  • Superior and consistent quality
  • Non-carcinogenic polyester media
  • Easy to manipulate and use
  • Flame retardant and UL Class II
  • Self-sealing design eliminates leaks.
  • Moisture resistant
  • SPOR-AX® antimicrobial is incorporated to the fiber
  • MERV 9 average efficiency, ASHRAE 52.2

MULTIWEDGE 45-65 (medium and high efficiency

Fiberbond’s Multiwedge 45 and 65 filters are made with a tough, high-density polyester media. It is resistant to high humidity, oil mists, acids, alkalies and most organic solvents. The high dust capacity makes the MultiWedge 45 and 65 stand-alone filters.

All perimeter edges and internal dividers are oermannantly welded together with a heat seal construction. This dielectric process assures a leak proof self-supporting pocket that can withstand the most severe environmental operating conditions.


  • Moisture resistant
  • 100% synthetic media
  • SPOR-AX® antimicrobial incorporated to the fiber
  • MultiWedge 45 = MERV 9 and MultiWedge 65 = MERV 11, ASHRAE 52.2
  • UL Class II
  • 12” and 24” depths


Flanders Alpha 95 Filters are designed for use in HVAC applications requiring cleaner air than is possible with ASHRAE rated filters, but where HEPA filtered air is not required. The filters are rated at 95% efficiency on 0.30 micrometer particles by the DOP test method. The Alpha 95 filter is rated MERV 17 per ASHRAE standard 52.2.

Alpha 95 filters are identical in design and construction to the Alpha Cell HEPA filters, except that the media is 95% efficient on 0.30 micrometer particles.


  • Minimum efficiency is 95% on 0.30 micrometer particles
  • Manufactured in a variety of wood and metal frame types
  • Available with a media pack with aluminum separators or with a separatorless pack (*Pureform media)
  • Available in a variety of sizes with either a gasket seal or gel seal

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