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Graham makes it possible to replicate virtually any existing windows, including those for historic rehab projects, with thermal architectural windows that improve energy efficiency and save money.

HUNG WINDOWS – Offered in a variety of styles and models, including:

  • Triple-hung windows with fully operable sashes
  • Some models that permit the sash to be tilted inward for cleaning
  • Dual or “split sash” models that utilize a pulley-balance system in which both sashes operate simultaneously
  • Windows with and without internal blinds

For more information, visit Graham Hung Windows.

CASEMENT AND PROJECTED WINDOWS – Among the most versatile windows available from Graham Architectural:

  • Architectural grade products
  • Delivers superior performance and durability
  • Available in countless configurations and with a wide variety of glazing options and accessories

For more information, visit Graham Casement and Projected Windows.

FIXED WINDOWS – Because there are no operable parts - glazing is installed directly into the main frame members - these windows provide superior thermal performance and protection from moisture intrusion.

  • Designed to complement Graham operable window lines
  • Can also be used separately for areas not requiring ventilation

For more information, please click here Graham Fixed Windows.

HORIZONTAL SLIDING WINDOWS – One or more horizontal sashes are installed in a master frame. Operable sash glides on rollers for smooth opening and closing.

  • A single sash or all sashes can be operable according to project requirements
  • Multiple configurations and hardware options
  • Each model can be used in conjunction with either a fixed window series or other operating window types

For more information, visit Graham Horizontal Sliding Windows.

GTHURM WINDOWS – This AW-rated architectural window provides impressive R6.5 thermal performance, and is available with an array of glazing options, as well as a variety of standard and optional features.

  • Incorporates G2RP Technology, a significant advance in material performance with U-Values as low as 0.18 in an architectural grade product
  • ,
  • Features a composite of 80% continuous strand glass reinforced polyurethane for superior strength

For more information, visit Graham GThurm Windows.

BLAST-RESISTANT WINDOWS – Available in virtually any style to suit a broad range of structure types, whether for retrofit or new design.

  • Complete product line available to meet numerous protection needs for a variety of project applications
  • Can help to mitigate injuries in the event of man-made or natural blast events

For more information, visit Graham Blast-Resistant Windows.

HURRICANE-RESISTANT WINDOWS – Offered in the same beautiful selection as other Graham windows, but with the assurance of hurricane force wind protection.

  • Tested to the Florida building code for high-velocity hurricane zones
  • Provide life and property protection from hurricanes and typhoons

For more information, visit, Graham Hurricane-Resistant Windows.

ACOUSTICAL WINDOWS – Graham’s acoustically-rated fenestration products are available in a variety of operating systems to suit nearly any application.

  • Made using a variety of styles and framing materials
  • Meet Sound Transmission Class and Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class design requirements based upon noise-generated sources

For more information, visit Graham Acoustical Windows.

Options, Accessories

  • Hundreds of special interior trims
  • Exterior panning shapes
  • Installation accessories all developed for a variety of specific applications
  • Curved window designs
  • TDL
  • Internal muntin designs
  • Applied muntin designs

For more information, visit Graham Window Accessories.

Also available:

  • Doors
  • Curtain wall products
  • Integral and security vandal screens
  • Sunshade products

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