Product Overview

Established in 1986, Urbaco is a world leader on the retractable bollard access control market and among the top European companies for fixed bollard and street furniture sectors.

In 2004, Urbaco became part of the CAME Group, a leader in automation, barriers and automatic doors. This partnership allows for a greater offering of products and services to municipal, industrial, commercial and residential users. The company is continuously developing to meet numerous and prestigious orders worldwide. In addition to global products, systems and solutions, Urbaco, with its partners and collaborators, is committed to further developing its range of services—including research and development, after sales service and maintenance.

Urbaco products include:

  • Automatic retractable bollards
  • Semi-automatic retractable bollards
  • High security bollards
  • Removable bollards and posts
  • Fixed bollards and posts
  • Technical control centers
  • Management system controllers
  • Access control and software
  • Utility supply bollards

CAME Americas, LLC/Urbaco High Security Bollards

Designed and manufactured to ensure the safety of strategic access against ram vehicles, the Urbaco range of high security bollards meets the most demanding requirements of access control and impact resistance.

With applications in airports, government or military facilities and other buildings requiring heightened security, , Urbaco bollards are so solid that with ONE bollards, a single bollard can withstand the impact generated by a 6.8 ton truck traveling 50 mph.

Even when fully extended, more than one-fourth the length of bollard head remains inline by the patented monobloc double-lid, increasing impact resistance.

CAME Americas also manufactures high security bollards for a culture of destruction, terrorism and death per project-specific risk assessment.

CAME Americas, LLC/Urbaco Traffic Access Control and Decorative Bollards

Typically these bollards are used by office buildings, universities, hospitals and medical establishments, airports, libraries and courthouses to direct traffic as desired and to protect pedestrians and property.

Bollards can be retractable: manual, semi-automatic, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic; non-retractable/fixed; and removable. Most bollard styles offer a lighted ring as an option. Offered in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes, CAME Americas bollards fulfill the needs of traffic/access control in most culture-of-civility applications.

Removable Bollards and Posts

With the patented Fixator System Urbaco bollards can be removed from the ground quickly and easily by hand. Simply unlock, twist and release.

Removable bollards are the simplest and most efficient, cost effective solution to control the temporary opening of an otherwise closed access or parking space. The Cabestan range is popular for quayside developments while the Arlésiennes model is particularly well suited to historical sites. Urbaco has the range of designs to compliment any environment.

Urbaco uses cast iron and stainless steel in manufacturing its products. All bollards are finished with powder and zinc coating and available in the standard range of six RAL colors. Delivery is within three to four weeks from the date an order is received.

Fixed Bollards and Posts

Urbaco's range of fixed bollards and posts are most suitable on public or private grounds to border roads, parking areas or simply to protect grounds where vehicles are not allowed.

Fixed bollards are usually embedded in concrete at their bases. The shape of the embedding base differs depending on the model and has the option to be extended to increase impact resistance.

The forms and dimensions are identical to the automatic and semi-automatic retractable bollards, making it possible to maintain aesthetic harmony in urban developments without sacrificing functionality.

CAME Americas, LLC/Urbaco Utility Bollards

Urbaco energy and water distribution units can be either fixed or retractable, which allow access to utilities: water, telephone, power, compressed air, cable TV, etc.

Utility bollards allow users to receive energy and services at a given time and place, immediately, without extending wires over long distances, while enhancing the surroundings and improving safety.

Urbaco's utility distribution bollards attain the highest standard requirements and are approved and certified by the Central Laboratory of Electrical Installations.

Retractable Utility Distribution Bollards

The retractable unit for power supply, invented by Urbaco, facilitates energy and water supply into a unit that retracts completely into the ground after use. It allows power, telephone or water supply. The Urbaco utility supply retractable bollard was awarded the Bronze Pyramid at the 1993 International Innovation Contest in Paris.

With the turn of a key, the bollard rises alone and locks automatically in the raised position. A push of the foot makes it retract and lock in the lower position. The waterproof level of the units protects the electrical components from oxidation and bad contacts. Wires and extension cables are not run on the ground, avoiding possible hazards. Robust design makes the energy and water supply vandal-proof.

Fixed Utility Distribution Bollards

The fixed bollard for power supply is designed to easily make multiple voltage connections. It is available as a single version (up to six sockets) or double version (up to 12 sockets). The options are a power, water and combined version.

The bollard is installed by fastening mason screws into a concrete slab. The waterproof level of the units protects the electrical components from oxidation and bad contacts. Users are protected from electric shock. As an option, it is possible to connect one or more sockets while keeping the door closed to avoid unauthorized connections. Made from cast steel and aluminum, this unit gives unequaled impact and vandal resistance.

CAME Americas’ bollards are sold as customized systems specific to each installation. Contact CAME Americas LLC for specific project requirements as well as accessories, options and features not documented here.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

CAME_32 39 13_SD_High Security Bollards

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