Commercial, Industrial and Resdential Decorative Fencing

Product Overview

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XCEL® Fence, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has since emerged into a leading manufacturer of innovative component fence products. XCEL maintains a distribution network throughout North America and Europe, and owns one of the industry's most sophisticated powder coating facilities, strategically located in technology park in Southern China. XCEL's environmentally-friendly production centers have the capability to produce an abundance of fencing components at substantially lower costs. XCEL’s corporate office, research and development group, and customer support team is headquartered in Southern California.

Over the centuries, steel has forged the architectural beauty we see in today’s landscape. INNOVATION™ Ornamental Fence Systems is a combination of beauty and modern day technology. XCEL Fence offers quality steel and aluminum fencing with classic styles, unique designs and maximum strength. Our engineers have designed our SecureSnap™ technology to achieve maximum bias ability and security across every panel section. All pre-galvanized steel and high-grade aluminum components undergo an advanced multi-stage surface treatment including a polyester TGIC powder coat finish. Manufactured in ISO 9001-certified facilities, INNOVATION™ Ornamental Fence Systems meet both the aesthetics and strengths demanded by the industry.

Features, Advantages

  • SecureSnap™—U.S. and International patented locking mechanism that eliminates the time and cost of welding
  • Bias-able Terrain—All INNOVATION™ panels rack any terrain up to 24” depending on desired style
  • A non-welded component fence system—components are space-efficient reducing logistics and storage costs—quick installation and easy handling
  • Black is standard color for all fencing systems—custom colors are available in every style and model upon request
  • ISO 9001 Certified production facility, ASTM adherence, product insurance
  • XCEL owns patents in China, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Europe

Material—12-Stage Finish Process

Innovation LITE™—residential and commercial

G60 Galvanized Steel (In/Out), 50,000 PSI Tensile Strength

  • SupremeCoat™ finish
  • Multi-stage pretreatment/wash (including zinc phosphate)
  • Glossy polyester powder top coat finish
  • 11-year limited warranty

Innovation PLUS™—Commercial and Industrial

    G90 Galvanized Steel (In/Out), 58,000 PSI Tensile Strength
  • SupraCoat™ finish
  • Multi-stage pretreatment/wash (including zinc phosphate)
  • Zinc-rich epoxy primer
  • Glossy polyester powder top coat finish
  • 21-year limited warranty

See website for standard sizes and gauges.


  • SecureSleeve™ Flange, cast aluminum or steel, sleeve in design for 2” sq. Posts up to 6’H Dimensions: 2“ x 4“ x 4“
  • Optional decorative upgrades: SecureClip™ aluminum rings or finials (Triton, Quad Flare or Fleur-de-lis)
  • Gate kit and panel assembly

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