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Product Overview

The three components of balancing sound, improving listening clarity and ease are reflectors, diffusers and absorbers and each environment presents challenges to properly-balanced sound. ESSI Acoustical Products has the expertise and sound-balancing products necessary to elicit listening quality for every sound environment: ranging form conference/meeting rooms with the need for voice clarity to music, choral or vocal auditoriums to rock and roll venues.

ESSI Flat and Radial Reflector Panels
Designed for large spaces requiring improved sound, directivity, strength and timing of reflected sound from the ceiling area, ESSI Flat and Radial Refelctor Panels are ideal for auditoriums, lecture halls and performing arts centers.

An e-glass shell (either flat or radial-shaped) lined with K-cell foam core stiffener with suspension trapezes embedded into the panel back create the essential sound reflective portion of ESSI's Flat and Radial Reflector Panels. Some models are sized for hanging ceilings already in place; and can easily be installed as replacement panels.

An optional internal absorber (IA) selectively absorbs low frequencies and an optional internal liner (IL) increases reflectivity. See the ESSI SPEC-DATA below for sizes and model names.

ESSI Pyramid-Shaped and Barrel-Shaped Diffuser Panels
Used on walls and ceilings, diffuser panels scatter and blends sounds. Each environment—band, choral, orchestral, spoken voice or even rock and roll—requires a particular and strategic arrangement of diffusers to create optimal listening.

Molded e-glass lined with glass fiber batting in a variety of standard and custom sizes; see the SPEC-DATA below for models and sizes. Optional internal liners (IL) and internal absorbers (IA) are all available.

ESSI Absorber Panels
Used to tailor reverberation and reduce over-loudness in a room, suited for the widest range of environments.

Fabricated with sound-absorptive glass-fiber, these panels are engineered to absorb sound across the broadest frequency range. See SPEC-DATA below for models and sizes.

All panels are shipped with a standard white gel coat. An optional paintable gel coat is available or optional fabric coverings such as Guilford FR 701-style 2100 (Terratex®)or a wide variety of custom fabric coverings; including specified upholstery-weight coverings can be fabricated.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadMANU-SPEC 3-Part Specifications

ESSI Acoustical Systems MS

SpecData datasheets available for downloadSPEC-DATA Technical Datasheets

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