Emergency Generators

Product Overview


Product Overview

Generac Power Systems, Inc. manufactures generators and gensets to provide reliable, redundant automatic standby power with a wide range of options for residential and commercial applications, including retail centers, convenience stores, restaurants and large homes.

22-48 KW
Designed for both commercial and residential applications, QuietSource Series generators with aluminum all-weather enclosures are engineered to operate at low speeds of 1800 rpm. Features include:

  • Quiet-Test™ low speed exercise mode
  • Continuous fuel with choice of LP or natural gas
  • RhinoCoat™ finish for corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for salt-air coastal areas
  • UL listed
  • Optional three phase output in a variety of voltages (select units)

25-150 KW
Generac Power Systems offers liquid-cooled single phase and three phase units that can be configured to project requirements. Options include:

  • Three phase output in a variety of voltages
  • High power nodes
  • Steel or aluminum enclosures (select units)
  • Continuous fuel with choice of LP or natural gas
  • Remote monitoring with GenLink® software available on 70 kW units and above

8-20 KW
Ideal for small to medium sized businesses or residences that require essential circuit coverage, the Guardian Series is designed specifically for high demand power generation needs. Features include:

  • Generac OHVI® engine provides reliability and long life
  • Continuous fuel with choice of LP or natural gas
  • Composite mounting pad included
  • External GFCI outlet on 17 & 20 kW
  • All-steel enclosures with RhinoCoat™ finish
  • Optional aluminum enclosure available on 17 kW, standard on 20 kW
  • Unbundled models also available
  • 8 - 17 kW systems include 100 amp NEMA 1 automatic transfer switch with load center for essential circuit coverage
  • 20 kW systems provide whole-house coverage
  • 20 - 60 kW systems provide automatic standby power protection for applications such as restaurants, gas stations, offices and large homes

Modular Power Systems (MPS)
The Generac Modular Power System is designed for large industrial applications that require superior system reliability and redundancy. Functions traditionally performed by numerous, multiple-manufacturer controllers are integrated into an exclusive Generac PowerManager® control system, providing a cost-effective, simple, single-source system with the benefits of parallel generation. Features include:

  • Scalable, flexible
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Reliability from redundancy of a multiple genset configuration
  • Cost effective - with prices comparable to, or less than, a large single genset
  • Built-in redundancy
  • Easy installation
  • Serviceable without critical system interruption


Gemini by Generac Power Systems features two gensets within a single, sound-attenuated, weather-resistant enclosure. As part of the Generac MPS system, up to seven Gemini gensets can be paralled without additional switchgear, for a total output as high as 7000 kW. Features include:
  • Twin gensets packaged in a compact 1000 kW unit
  • Critical load redundancy within a common generator platform
  • Single, electrical termination point for easy connection
  • Quiet, sound-attenuated operation


Bi-Fuel Generators increase run times, starting with diesel fuel and adding natural gas as load is applied. In an outage, Generac Bi-Fuel generators typically operate on a mixture of up to 90% natural gas and 10% diesel fuel; if the natural gas supply is interrupted, the generator switches automatically to 100% diesel–without a power drop during the transaction. Features of the system include:
  • Simultaneous use of diesel and natural gas
  • Reduced fuel storage with increased run times
  • Reduced cost per kilowatt, compared to larger, natural gas units
  • Redundant on-site fuel source
  • Available in the Generac Modular Power System

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Generator 22k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT02224 Generac Generator 22k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT02224 Generac
Generator 25k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT02516 Generac Generator 25k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT02516 Generac
Generator 27k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT02724 Generac Generator 27k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT02724 Generac
Generator 30k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT030116 Generac Generator 30k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT030116 Generac
Generator 36k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT03624 Generac Generator 36k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT03624 Generac
Generator 45k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT04524 Generac Generator 45k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT04524 Generac
Generator 48k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT04824 Generac Generator 48k Watts Three Phase Commercial QT04824 Generac
Generator 60k WattsThree Phase Commercial QT06024 Generac Generator 60k Watts Single Phase Quietsource QT06024 Generac
Generator 10k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac Generator 14k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac
Generator 17k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac 1 Generator 17k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac
Generator 20k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac Generator 7k Watts Single Phase Core Power 5837 Generac
Generator 8k Watts Single Phase Guardian Series HSB Air Cooled Generac

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