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Features: Flamex PF is a clear, highly effective post-treatment indoor fire retardant penetrant. When used on porous wood, it will provide a Class A or B rating. This product is also very effective on porous fabrics. Flamex PF penetrates the material and becomes part of its molecular structure. When the properly treated material is subjected to an open flame, Flamex PF will reduce the flame spread and/or self-extinguish the flame. Flamex PF is non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment and simple to apply.

Uses: Flamex PF is used for interior applications such as: draperies, furniture, paper, straw, redwood, cedar, Douglas fir, etc. When used on textiles, we recommend re-treatment every four to five years. This product is used widely in schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, homes and many other commercial and residential buildings.

Limitations: cannot be used on acrylic fabrics, sunbrella and other non-porous materials. Cannot be used on painted surfaces. Do not dilute. Shake well before using. Storage Range: 45 degrees F. to 110 degrees F. Shelf Life: three years if kept in a cool storage with the cap on.

Applicable Standards: Flamex PF has been tested to the following standards: ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, UL 723, NFPA 701

Fabric Application: Flamex PF can be applied as is by spraying or immersing. In order to be effective there must be a 10-12% (wet) increase in the weight of the fabric, if material is synthetic such as polyester, a heavier coat may be needed. Approx. coverage per gallon on fabric is 300 sq. ft. (400 - 500 sq. ft on sheer fabric). Since all fabrics have a different density, a small test should be performed by the utilization of a small flame (butane lighter). Hold a 4" X 12" piece of the treated material vertically and apply the flame to the lower portion for 10 seconds and remove the ignition source. The flame must go out within 2 seconds. (This test is similar to the small-scale NFPA 701 field test).

Wood Application: apply to wood at the rate of 125 square feet per gallon to achieve a Class A or 200 square feet per gallon to achieve a Class B rating. Use low pressure spraying equipment, brush or roll.

FS-II Fire Retardant Spray
FS-II is an interior/exterior pyrolytic penetrant formulation that prevents the spread of flame by developing a self-extinguishing reaction. This product is unique because it contains polymers that create a weather tight bond to the molecular structure of wood, therefore, FS-II is an exterior coating as well as an interior coating. This product is white but dries clear and does not change the color of woods. When applied to exterior wood, it has a minimum life expectancy of 5-10 years and should then be reapplied. If FS-II is applied to interior wood, it has a permanent life expectancy. (Cannot be used on varnished or water proofed materials).

FS-II can be used on various porous woods as an interior or exterior fire retardant. This product is widely used on new home wood framing, cedar siding, wood shingles and log homes, etc.

    FS-II is an all in one:
  • Class "A" fire retardant
  • Wood preserver
  • Mold and termite resistant

    FS-II has been tested to the following standards:
  • ASTM E-84
  • NFPA 255 & 70
  • UL 723

One coat system. All testing was performed using single-coated materials. Class "A" rated. FS-II can easily be sprayed from a low pressure airless sprayer. May also be sprayed from a pump-up sprayer or backpack sprayer.

An interior intumescent latex paint that saves 50% in labor due to its single-coat application. It was tested with a higher coverage rate, which saves you time, labor, and money.

This new technology also gives you the added benefits of stain and mold resistance. You will appreciate the easy spray, brush, mitt, or roll-on application, too. Intumescent paints have been manufactured for over 50 years. Until now, however, NO paint has incorporated all of the added benefits that we do—especially the important single-coat application and high-coverage rate—without jeopardizing the life-saving low smoke and Class A flame spread.

FS-IM is 30-minute rated with a two-coat application, and meets interior requirements of the NFPA 703, which is the same standard that must be met with fire-retardant, pressure-impregnated wood.

Some basic uses include commercial and residential interior surfaces—paneling, non-porous substrates, veneer, gypsum board, wood, plastic, previously coated surfaces, and MDF.

FireGuard E-84 Intumescent Coating
Features: FireGuard E-84 is an intumescent coating that provides fire retardance and fire resistance to a wide range of construction and decorative materials including: sheetrock, oriented strand board (OSB), wood, concrete, sheet metal, PVC, steel, interior and exterior woods.

FireGuard E-84 has been tested and listed by Guardian Fire Testing Laboratories Inc. and certified for achieving duration and flame spread ratings on various assemblies and substrates. This water-based, non-toxic product is applied in the same manner as paint, and as little as two coats can create a fire rated wall.

When exposed to fire, a coating of FireGuard E-84 will expand by a factor of 20 to 50 times its original thickness to generate an ash-like “Char Layer” that provides thermal insulation. This “Char Layer” is much more effective than traditional insulating materials in minimizing the exposure of the underlying substrate to temperatures that would propagate further combustion/fire.

As a result, the rate of combustion and generation of smoke are substantially reduced, increasing egress time. In addition, the fire is usually contained to the room of origin helping to maintain structural integrity and minimize property damage.

FireGuard E-84 can be used on existing structures to bring them into compliance with building and fire codes, or as a tool in new construction to address code requirements where structural load weight, space, and other special concerns cannot be satisfied (or would add substantial costs) by the use of more traditional methods of achieving a fire rated assembly.

FireGuard E-84 can be top coated with a water-based flat or semi-gloss paint; however where top coating is anticipated, an additional thickness of the coating is required.

For existing structures, FireGuard E-84 offers a method of achieving a fire rated structure with minimal disruption to occupants. After coating a substrate, an additional coat can be applied during the same day for some applications. The total curing process will take up to seven days, however the coating will dry to the touch quickly, allowing use and occupancy while still totally curing. In addition, FireGuard E-84 is the perfect choice for protecting and preserving historical structures. The coating can be applied directly to the original surfaces. FOR INTERIOR USES ONLY.

FireGuard E-84 can be used on a wide range of surfaces and assemblies.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)

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