Fully Modulating Condensing Boilers from DeDietrich

Product Overview


Product Overview

Product Description, Applications
Gas-fired condensing boilers from DeDietrich are fuel-efficient and manufactured to last, making them a cost-effective choice for schools, hospitals, commercial facilities and green building applications.


The DeDietrich gas-fired 230 ECO Series is a preassembled, free-standing boiler designed for central heating and indirect hot water production in room-sealed or open flue applications. The state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based Comfort Master boiler control continuously monitors boiler conditions and varies heat output to suit the system load, while PID control manages and protects the burner and heat exchanger.

Made of sectional cast aluminum, the heat exchanger is contained within a sealed air box together with other major components. The instrument panel is mounted on the top of the boiler and the inspection hatch is removable for ease of maintenance.

  • Available in 4 models
  • Extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Efficiencies of 109% NCV in the condensing mode
  • Working pressures of 100 psi, maximum
  • Ultra low NOx
  • Minimum CO emissions


The DeDietrich 310 ECO is a high efficiency condensing boiler fueled by natural gas. Designed for interior central heating and indirect hot water production, this fully modulating, free standing boiler is installed on a fully pumped system. It is lightweight and compact, making it well-suited for modular configurations in room-sealed or open flu applications. Operating pressures range from 11

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Boiler Cast Aluminum C230 ECO A DDR Americas Boiler Cast Aluminum GAS 310 ECO DDR Americas
Boiler Cast Aluminum MCA Pro DDR Americas Boiler Stainless Steel EnerPro DDR Americas

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