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Product Overview

DORMA is a leading manufacturer of systems and accessories for tempered glass entrances and glass wall systems—offering a complete line of hardware, from patch fittings to sliding glass partitions, locks and hinges, for versatility, precision, functionality and long service life.

Pivoting Systems

UNIVERSAL patch fittings are ideal for almost any frameless all-glass design. Offering a broad range of options and configurations in three styles, patch fittings can create interior and exterior openings that are technically sound and visually appealing.

MANET Pivoting
The frameless MANET pivoting system reinforces transparent architecture while offering flexibility and a new look and style of hardware. The stainless steel flush-mounted fittings allow architectural freedom to create frameless glass doors.

With its easy and pinch-free action, the unique BEYOND system for glass doors, is safe, functional, and attractive. The patented swing door with its centrally located pivot point prevents fingers from being trapped. Offered with either an elegant, continuous pivot rod or smart short rod, BEYOND is suitable for any application.

The DORMA TENSOR double-acting hinge suits a wide range of applications, including new projects and renovations. The hinges can be wall- or glass-mounted. TENSOR features an automatic closing function that brings the door safely back to its zero position, eliminating the need for a door closer.

DORMA VISUR is the only product of its kind offered in the market today—a system without any visible fittings for a transparent look. All hardware components are completely hidden—located in the top recessed header tube and concealed in the floor. The transparent door reflects and enhances the design to maximum advantage.

DRS Rail System
The DRS Rail System, the original clamp-on rail system from DORMA, allows for quick and easy door assembly. Accommodating multiple glass thickness and available in various heights, the rails are delivered with all hardware prepped and installed. This allows site adjustments with the adjustable Easi-Align™ prep block.

RP Headers
DORMA Glas furnishes fully fabricated headers for door and sidelite configuration. The RP Header offers the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed closer and top pivots. A glazing pocket is snapped into the header tube to permit a seamless transition to the sidelite glazing.

Dri-Fit™ System
The DORMA Dri-Fit system simplifies glazing installation while eliminating silicone. The intelligently designed Dri-Fit gasket is used in sidelite rails, header tube glazing pockets, and U-channels. Dri-Fit sidelite rails are offered to match DRS door rails, while a complete range of saddles are available to match clearances.

Sliding Systems

Powered by linear magnetic drive technology (LMD), DORMA MAGNEO redefines both the function and design of sliding systems—allowing MAGNEO to work in new ways and in new places, whether public, commercial, or private. Its sleek, minimalist Contur design blends seamlessly to meet discriminating applications. The innovative magnetic technology ensures that the MAGNEO is safe, reliable, whisper quiet, touch free, and resistant to wear. Ideal for both new and retrofit interior applications, the MAGNEO’s modern design dramatically transforms and enhances interior spaces while supporting green initiatives at the same time.

AGILE 150/AGILE 150 Syncro
The AGILE 150 system combines versatility and durability with sleek European design. It operates on a compact track with the roller assembly hidden inside. The track can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or—for the sleek appearance of no track at all—recessed into the ceiling to give the appearance of an all-glass sliding door. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the AGILE 150 system provides superior versatility in installation and maintenance. No glass drilling or machining is required for installation. The AGILE system is also available in a Syncro version that makes use of a virtually invisible and thoroughly proven cable and pulley return system.

RS 120/RS 120 Syncro/DRS 120
The DORMA RS 120 and DRS 120 feature a hollow profiled aluminum track that is light, yet rugged and resistant to twisting. It can be fixed directly under the ceiling or onto a wall. Cutting to the required size is simplicity itself. The raised, convex profile of the rail surface prevents dust and dirt collecting. The RS 120 covers are aluminum and easily clipped onto the track. If the track is top mounted onto the ceiling, the covers are used on both sides. If the track is side mounted, the cover is used on the exposed side only. The covers also can easily be cut to size. The RS 120 Syncro features a cable and deflection device for synchronously opening a bi-panel installation. Opening one panel automatically opens the other, so a minimum of effort leads to the maximum opening width.

RSP 80
The smooth and clean design of the DORMA RSP ensures unparalleled ease of operation in a sliding door. The aluminum track is a round extrusion with a special support profile for direct wall mounting. A flush plastic extrusion clips into the track rail to provide the running surface Resting on this surface, the roller carriers—essential to the visual effect—quietly guide the sliding panel to the desired position, rolling unhindered to a safe stop every time.


Ideal for any application where total vision is required, DORMA Wall Horizontal Sliding Glass Wall Systems bring flexibility and transparency to your designs—opening up limitless possibilities and enclosing space only when needed, without blocking light. Gaining in popularity, glass partitions in public access spaces provide the feeling of openness and light while improving customer proximity. Whether the purpose is to link or separate, add security, provide noise or thermal insulation, or remove barriers, DORMA’s sliding glass wall systems are available in a variety of configurations to meet your design requirements. The light and quiet sliding panels can be moved effortlessly to the side or stored safely in a closet, taking up virtually no space at all.


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