Headwalls & Custom Medical Products

Product Overview

Product Overview

Modular Services Company designs and manufactures custom medical products, including headwalls, columns, boom systems, flatwalls and critical care carts, to provide innovative and functional systems that help promote patient comfort.


The Profile is a vertical headwall, positioned at the patient bedside, pre-piped and wired. It can accommodate ergonomically-placed medical gases, electrical services and equipment management and is offered with a selection of laminate surfaces and accessories. Its features include:
  • Standard (up to 3 medical gases) or Quad (up to 4 medical gases) models
  • As many as 2 gases positioned at one ergonomic level
  • As many as 8 gases in one unit
  • Recessed into wall— extends only 1.25"
  • Clinical or aesthetic designs
  • Integrated GCX track for monitoring (Extended profile only)

The Profile headwall can be used for Post-Anesthesia Care Units, Emergency Department/Trauma, LDR/Post Partum, patient rooms and surgery centers.


Silhouette is a horizontal headwall that can be customized, in 6" increments, to 10' of services and equipment management capabilities. It can be installed behind the bed, to the side of the bed, or in casework and is offered in a selection of laminate finishes. Features include:
  • 4 equipment management channels for equipment and storage management
  • Accommodates monitor on the horizontal channels
  • Recessed into wall— extending only 1.25" from the wall
  • Clinical design flexibility

Profile headwall applications include ICU, PACU, NICU, ED/Trauma and patient rooms.


Designed for critical care environments, the Stratus provides positioning flexibility and accessibility, as well as a compact design. Its articulating arms have a 72" reach, and each is capable of rotating up to 350 degrees. The Stratus can be configured with a 5-sided Column or 9x9 Column service module or can be configured as a Pump Star™ service module with both 5-sided Column and 9x9 Column, based on clinical need and architectural requirements. Features include:
  • Allows clinically correct positioning to services
  • Provides open access to the patient's head
  • Ergonomically placed handles permit easy movement
  • 5-sided Column configurations: 10 medical gases at one ergonomic level; 5 equipment tracks; 400 lb accessory load capacity
  • 9x9 Column configurations: 8 gases at one egronomic level; 12 equipment management tracks; 400 lb accessory load capacity
  • Pump Star Service Module: 5-sided Column + 9x9 Column; 295 lb accessory load capacity
  • Electromagnetic brakes

The Stratus headwall is suited for Intensive Care, PACU, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, ED/Trauma and Special Procedures.

5-Sided Open Access Column

The 5-Sided Open Access Column provides medical gases, electrical outlets and equipment management within a sleek, compact design. For added flexibility, a rotating option allows staff to adjust flowmeters, suction regulators, infusion pumps and other accessories while standing in one position. Features include:
  • Rotating or fixed
  • 10 medical gases at one ergonomic level
  • 5 equipment tracks for equipment and storage management
  • 400 lb. accessory load capacity
  • Rotating option rotates 350 degrees with an electromagnetic braking system
  • Equipment can be adjusted as the patient's condition changes

The 5-sided Open Access Column is suited for intensive care, PACU, NICU, ED/Trauma, Cardiovascular and Special Procedures.

Mini Multi-Dimensional Column™

The Mini Multi-Dimensional Column is designed with a small footprint, which helps promote a safe and effective work area. Its features include:
  • 17 equipment management tracks, with allowance for supply storage
  • 9-12 service outlets to accommodate varying acuity level
  • Multiple duplex outlets
  • Monitor channel with minimized overhang

The Mini Multi-dimensional Column can be used for intensive care, PACU, NICU, ED/Trauma, Cardiovascular and Special Procedures.

Open Access Column™

The Open Access Column is a 4-sided column, available in a selection of sizes: 9" x 12", 12" x 12" and 9" x 9" (one of the smallest columns on the market). Its features include:
  • 12 equipment management tracks, with allowance for supply storage
  • Up to 8 gases
  • Access to all 4 sides
  • Duplex and quad electrical receptacles permitted
  • Rotating 9" x 9" column option

Additional Features

In addition to headwalls, flatwalls and columns, Modular Services Company offers:
  • Cirrus - A ceiling mounted model that delivers medical gases, electrical outlets and equipment management without using valuable floor space
  • Large Opening Artworks™ - Framed prints that discretely cover multiple gas outleta and electrical devices; available with 3 or 5 gas outlets; single or double sided
  • Recessed security console
  • Bed dockers
  • Storage carts
  • BLU-40 Bedside Lavatory Init

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