Product Overview

Rooftop HELISLAT Pads

FEC Heliports' engineering department has spent many years perfecting this rooftop design, currently installed in over 250 places in every climate and under every condition without fail. An aluminum extrusion with an internal cavity available for snowmelting. This design offers the strength of concrete with the bonus of low maintenance, high durability, and it's lightweight enough to work on every application. FEC's consultants will visit your facility to help you determine the best location for your rooftop pad per the FAA Guidelines.

Ground HELOMAT Pads

A great alternative to the typical concrete helipad, the HELOMAT is specifically designed for ground or retrofit applications. This pad never deteriorates as a concrete pad will, and it can be moved as your facility expands. Each HELOMAT pad has an internal cavity specifically designed for FEC Heliports' state-of-the-art snowmelt equipment. The HELOMAT can be put right over the top of your existing pad, providing a new low maintenance surface.

Offshore and Shipboard Helipads

FEC Heliports has designed and installed many shipboard and offshore helipads. With a primarily healthcare and traditional helipad foundation, FEC has been called in to serve these challenging environments. Our aluminum helipads are an excellent choice for the type of extreme weather conditions these helipads incur, while also providing better design options with lightweight material. Retractable safety netting for shipboard applications is just another example of how FEC Helipads' engineers continue to design beyond traditional industry standards.


Where is the best place to locate this helipad, on the ground or on the roof? Can an elevated helipad above be paced above living quarters on an offshore rig? What size does the landing area have to be? How much clearance do I have to have to meet US or International criteria? Who certifies this helipad? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions FEC Heliports can help answer. Landing multi-million dollar aircraft requires detailed planning and it is the key to achieving the safest, most cost-effective helipad.

    The following is a list of some of the services offered by FEC:
  • Site selection and flight path design for new helipads
  • Relocation of an existing helipad
  • FAA and International compliance recommendation reports
  • Budget pricing
  • Design packages for ground, rooftop, concrete, aluminum or any other type of helipad
  • Complete staff of professional Engineers and Consultants
  • Installation crews and Technical Representatives for any type helipad installation
  • Complete line of heliport accessories

FEC helipads offers complete lighting, safety-netting, windcones, landing dollies, snowmelt, fire suppression and several portable pad models in addition to complete design, fabrication and installation services provided.

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