High Speed & High Security Automated Gates

Product Overview


Product Overview

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Wallace International manufactures a complete line of automated sliding, swinging, bifolding, and crash-withstanding automated gates, built to withstand elements, high usage and impact. The systems are completely engineered and do not require outsourcing of gate posts, gate fill materials or gate motors. Wallace International provides simple, straight forward, cost effective solutions for vehicular and pedestrian gate needs.

Slide Gates

Slide gates by Wallace International have a lightweight, modular design, with cantilever beam construction to minimize the site footprint. Alpha and Delta models are available with customizable options to meet a variety of security needs.

    Learn more about Wallace International Alpha Slide Gates.

    Learn more about Wallace International Delta Slide Gates.

    Folding Security Gates

    Wallace International offers folding gates for use in both low and high security situations, including the bifolding SpeedGate, which can be designed with almost any type of in-fill to match security or aesthetic requirements, and the Corridor gate for indoor pedestrian access applications. Top track SpeedGates are often used in criminal justice applications, and the trackless models are used for vehicle staging areas or judge or employee parking. Both types of bi-fold gates are suited for use in transit and other municipal facilities.

    Learn more about Wallace International Folding Security Gates.

    Crash Gates

    The Wallace International Defender VeeGate is a K-12 certified crash gate with fully-welded, shot-blasted steel sections, designed to withstand significant impact and yet remain operational.

    Learn more about Wallace International Crash Gates.

    Swing Gates

    Designed for pedestrian access control in either high or low security applications, the Wallace International Pre-hung Pedestrian Gate is a swing gate with galvanized frame construction and wire infill or steel bar options.

    Learn more about Wallace International Pre-hung Pedestrian Gates.

    Wallace International is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for sliding, swinging, bifolding or crash-withstanding automated gate system, designed to fit both project application and budget.


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