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Description, Applications

Hycrete admixtures integrally waterproof concrete and cementitious materials, and help protect steel reinforcement from corrosion. They work by reducing the absorption of water and dissolved salts in concrete, thereby making it waterproof and forming a protective layer over reinforcing steel.

Hycrete's additive is based on a water-soluble molecule that transforms when mixed into concrete, becoming a water-repellent polymer for membrane-free waterproof construction. One end of the molecule reacts with calcium in the mix, forming hydrocarbon chains that fill capillaries, while the other bonds to steel, protecting rebar. The product eliminates the need for a petroleum-based membrane that encases concrete placed below the ground.

Compatible with standard admixture metering equipment, Hycrete admixtures offer excellent workability, provide consistent performance and verifiable push-button dosage of 1-2 gallons per cubic yard of concrete. They are easy and safe to use with no additional labor required, and can be added by hand or by pump system to the ready mix concrete load with the initial batch water. A pump system simplifies dosing and ensures accuracy.

Hycrete System W offers high-performance, membrane-free waterproof construction, not simply waterproof concrete. This premium system transforms ordinary porous concrete into hydrophobic concrete, and is recommended for applications include parking garages, podiums, deck plazas, commercial sub-grade walls and slabs, retaining walls, water tanks, water treatment facilities and tunnels.

System W consists of Hycrete W1000 admixture, world-class field service and a 10-year IntegraTek Warranty. In the unlikely event that a crack forms and subsequently leaks, Hycrete will repair the leak according to the terms of the IntegraTek performance warranty. Typically, repairs are performed by drilling and injecting polyurethane foam that expands in the presence of water and permanently seals cracks. Joints and penetrations are waterproofed using bentonite waterstops that swell when in contact with water. Waterstop details may be included and provided to the contractor for installation.

  • Weather conditions and substrate dry time are not factors, so construction time and expense is reduced
  • A Hycrete field service team is onsite to ensure proper installation by providing guidance on construction details, mix designs and Hycrete admixtures
  • System W is proven in applications having shotcrete walls and a high water table
  • Best-in-class 10-year IntegraTek Warranty
  • Generally 20% -3 0% less than the cost of installed membrane

Hycrete W1000 is a superior, dual-action admixture that reduces the permeability of concrete to 1% or lower. Because less water and fewer chlorides are able to penetrate the concrete, it increases the concrete’s durability, lengthening the life of the structure and forming a protective layer on the surface of rebar to protect against corrosion.

Hycrete W1000 is suitable for an expansive variety of applications, including above and below grade foundations, aquatic centers, architectural water features and fountains, balconies, belt and suspender waterproofing, bridges, dams, elevator pits, green roofs, highway infrastructure, marinas, parking structures, plazas, podium decks, pools, pre-cast components, reservoirs, secondary containment structures, temporary roofs, tilt-up panel walls, underground vaults, water containment sewage, water treatment plants and zoos.

  • Mix guidance available on request
  • Generally 30% - 50% less than the cost of installed membrane

Hycrete W500 is a basic waterproofing system often used as a superior substitute for integral crystalline waterproofing. It significantly reduces water ingress through concrete and forms a corrosion-inhibiting protective surface coating around steel reinforcement. When tested to BSI 1881-122, W500 was proven to have 50% less absorption than the control.

Because W500 resists hydrostatic pressure, applications can include above and below grade construction, aquatic centers, architectural water features, bridges, dams, extra protection for walls and slabs, fountains, highway infrastructure, marinas, pre-cast components, secondary containment structures, sewage and water treatment plants, swimming pools, tilt-up panel walls, underground vaults, water containment reservoirs and zoos.

  • Mix guidance available on request
  • Provides a 50% or greater reduction in water absorption
  • Generally comparable with the cost of integral crystalline waterproofing

Features, Benefits:

  • Resists hydrostatic pressure
  • Can heal cracks up to 0.4 mm
  • Neutral concrete set time
  • Water based and low odor
  • Contains no carcinogenic silica
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Excellent performance in green concrete mixes that contain a high degree of fly ash and slag
  • Cradle to Cradle™ Certified
  • NSF/ANSI 61 approved for use in potable water tanks greater than 200,000 gallons
  • ISO 14021 compliant - Recycled content in accordance with Type 22 environmental labeling
  • Can contribute to or deliver LEED® credits in several categories

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