Indoor & Outdoor Seating Solutions for Public Spaces

Product Overview

ARCONAS Corporation offers high performance seating designs for indoor and outdoor public spaces in commercial and government offices, healthcare and education facilities, airports and other high traffic environments. ARCONAS public seating products pass CAL 117 and can be upgraded to pass CAL 133. The versatile product lines include both indoor and outdoor models, with a variety of upholstery options, including vinyl, faux leather, leather or woven textile, and coordinating end tables.


FLYAWAY is a top-selling seating system, installed in hundreds of leading airports. Flyaway has clean, graceful lines, with high backs, effective lumbar support and thick cushions for user comfort. Its features include:
  • Classic design with substantial comfort for long waits
  • Solid die-cast aluminum frame on central steel beam
  • 2-5 linear units; 6 seat cluster unit on adjustable glides
  • Single and back-to-back rows
  • Optional arms
  • End, intermediate and corner tables
  • 2-5 seat benches


Setz modular benches and tables feature a versatile design and rugged steel construction for high impact seating in justice, healthcare, education, government and high passenger terminals
  • Rugged construction with style in a compact footprint
  • Post and beam steel construction
  • 2-5 seat linear units and 2-4 seat back to back rows
  • Optional arms; end and connector tables available
  • Available partially upholstered or with perforated metal seats
  • 2-5 seat benches


The Bernù series by ARCONAS features contemporary, ergonomically contoured lines, highlighting user comfort. The seating system is designed with a sturdy aluminum beam with an innovative peg assembly. Other features include:
  • Bernù, Bernù Aero, Bernù Aero Wood models are available
  • Passes
  • Aeronautical cutouts in cast aluminum
  • Solid die-cast aluminum frame on steel beam and peg system
  • 2-5 seat linear units; 4-5 set curved units on adjustable glides
  • Optional arms
  • Available upholstered or with perforated metal seats
  • back-to-back units
  • Passes rigid fire standards in North America and in Europe

Landings Designer Arconas

The Landings line is a high performance, flexible and efficient design for any high-impact setting. Featuring high ergonomic contours, 23"(58 cm) wide seat modules with back support and upholstered pads, Landings is made to last.
  • Refined international style
  • Post and dual-beam steel construction for stability and endurance
  • Contoured seats
  • 2-5 seat linear units with optional arms and drink holders
  • Single-row or back-to-back units
  • End and connector tables
  • Available partially upholstered or with perforated metal seats
  • 2-5 seat benches

SpecData datasheets available for downloadBIM Objects

Seat Bernu Cluster ARCONAS Seat Bernu Wooden Bench ARCONAS
Seat Bernu Upholstered Bench ARCONAS Seat Aerea ARCONAS
Seat Setz 5 Seat ARCONAS Seat Setz 1 Seat Table ARCONAS
Seat Setz 4 Seat ARCONAS Seat Bernu 5 Seat Outside Curve ARCONAS
Seat Setz 1 Seat Bar ARCONAS Seat Setz 3 Seat ARCONAS
Seat Setz 2 Seat ARCONAS Seat Bernu 4 Seat Inside Curve ARCONAS
Seat Flyaway 5 Seat ARCONAS Seat Flyaway 4 Seat ARCONAS
Seat Flyaway 3 Seat ARCONAS Seat Bernu 5 Seat ARCONAS
Seat Bernu 4 Seat ARCONAS Seat Flyaway Cluster ARCONAS
Seat Bernu 2 Seat ARCONAS Seat Flyaway 2 Seat ARCONAS
Seat Bernu 3 Seat ARCONAS Seat Landings ARCONAS

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