Iso Floors for Data Centers

Product Overview

Bergvik Flooring provides a fully modular, raised access flooring system called Iso Floor for data centers and other industrial applications. The floor system offers an exceptionally strong floor grid design with a multi-size panel system to provide an ongoing flexibility in cabinet and server rack placement and pitch.

Whether you install 36”, 42”, or 48” deep server racks, with Bergvik’s 18” × 24”, 24” × 24” and 36” × 24” standard panel sizes you can combine the panels to easily achieve the server rack line-up distance needed. This also helps to create a hot- or cold-aisle containment. Bergvik also supplies access floor accessories such as ramps, steps, railing, stepless cable ladder brackets and cable seal grommets. Independent, rack-specific seismic bracing frames are produced in the USA to secure data center equipment in high-risk seismic zones.

    Here is a summary of the unique design features that Bergvik's Iso Floor raised floor system offers for data center projects:
  • The modular and self-supporting floor grid design allows for ongoing flexibility in server rack placement and pitch without changing the floor sub-structure
  • Multiple floor panel sizes; 18" × 24", 24" × 24", and 36" × 24" allow for full flexibility, adapting to server rack depths of 36", 42", and 48" without compromising on floor space
  • No need for separate sub-frame stands for heavy equipment as when using standard 2’× 2’ grid raised floors.
  • No need for bridging over CRAH chiller pipes as when using standard 2’ × 2’ grid raised floors
  • Only two grounding points needed versus multi-point grounding when using standard 2’ × 2’ grid raised floors
  • The 36" cold-aisle airflow panel option allows for many more server racks on the same footprint, increasing your revenue stream

These features provide not only strength and veraitility, they also offer the lowest “total cost of ownership” for data center investments. No other raised floor system can offer this.

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Technical Specifications:

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