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Designed to protect both operators and patients alike Isolated Power Panels from PG Lifelink deliver uninterrupted power while eliminating the danger of massive electrical shock in the event of one line to ground fault.

High line to ground impedance mitigates the hazard of shock or burn from electric current flowing through the body to ground and also reduces the ignition hazard from arcs and sparks between a live conductor and grounded metal.

A Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) continually monitors all potential parallel leakage paths to ground and all circuitry from the isolation transformer to each piece of connected equipment. Should a faulty piece of equipment be plugged into any of the output sockets of the Isolated Power System power to critical life support equipment will be maintained but the LIM will sound a warning alarm to alert the operator.

Applications for isolated power include intensive care units (ICU); coronary care units (CCU); emergency rooms; critical care units; recovery areas; flammable anesthesia locations; "wet" locations; and any area where the interruption of power cannot be tolerated.

PG Lifelink Isolated Power Panels are available in four models:

MODEL IDP ISOLATED POWER PANEL - Most commonly used for installation in a corridor outside the operating room this basic system consists of a shielded isolation transformer line isolation monitor circuit breaker panel and ground bus. An accessory remote receptacle is required inside the operating room if the panel is configured for installation outside the operating room.

MODEL IDC ISOLATED POWER CENTER - Provides receptacles and ground jacks for intensive care coronary care and similar critical medical applications. In addition to the components of a standard IDP panel this system consists of 6 - 8 twist-locks duplex or parallel blade receptacles and up to 7 ground jacks.

MODEL DIDP DUPLEX ISOLATED POWER PANEL - Most often used to supply emergency and normal power to 120V service receptacles in the operating room this panel contains separate isolated power systems in one enclosure. Each system consists of the components of a standard IDP panel.

MODEL XTLD DUAL VOLTAGE PANEL - Designed to supply ungrounded power for one operating room the XTLD is a single panel with one transformer and two different ungrounded output voltages. Each secondary winding will have its own load center and Line Isolation Monitor. The XTLD can be mounted inside or outside the room. When mounted outside the room two remote annunciators will be required inside the room.

Features Benefits:

  • Reduces shock hazard
  • Maintains continuity of power
  • Provides advance warning of equipment failure
  • Helps reduce or eliminate line-to-line and line-to-ground noise on voltage feeders
  • Available with four remote annunciator models to meet specific application requirements
  • Meets NEC requirement for isolated power if interruption of power under fault conditions cannot be tolerated
  • Meets NFPA-99 requirement for isolated power in flammable anesthesia and "wet" locations and any area where the interruption of power cannot be tolerated
  • UL 10147 and UL1022 listed


PG LIFELINK Surgical Facility Panels are multi-functional control and monitoring stations designed specifically to incorporate many of the standard services required in operating room (OR) applications. Service components such as the isolated power system line isolation monitor hospital isolation transformer branch circuit panel board integral illuminated x-ray film viewer digital clock/timer and electrical outlets are all organized into one efficient panel.

Panels are configurable to meet custom requirements and are available with a variety of standard and optional accessories:

  • 50Hz frequency
  • Ambient temperature monitor
  • Load monitor
  • Relative humidity monitor
  • Secondary main breaker
  • Status indicator
  • Entertainment center/stereo system
  • Temperature alarm
  • Mounting accommodations for digital image monitors (PACs)
  • White board

Features Benefits:

  • Capacities range from 3 - 10 kVA and up to 16 branch circuits
  • Power receptacles and equipment ground jacks can be installed directly on the front of the stainless steel panel reducing cost of installation
  • Each panel can be custom configured to meet specific application requirements
  • Accepts up to 8 receptacles and 8 ground jacks
  • Configurable for 4 transformer sizes and a variety of primary and secondary voltages

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadMANU-SPEC 3-Part Specifications

PG LifeLink Isolated Power Panels Manu-Spec  

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