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Product Overview

Aurora Library Shelving: storage solutions for the professional library.
For over sixty years Aurora has been a mainstay of librarians who want versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage for their libraries. Aurora Library Shelving has a compact footprint, improved aesthetics with finished end panels as standard and a wide range of widths and depths. The shelving can even be made mobile ready for large collections or where saving space is a consideration. Aurora’s specially designed library uprights prevent damage to your collection and allow easy access to books at the end of the row.

Quik-Lok Library Shelving
Aurora invented and patented the Quik-Lok® system of shelving which eliminates bolts, sway braces and protruding hardware that harm priceless library collections.This patented system provides great rigidity with the flexibility to easily reconfigure sections of shelving to change or grow your system.

The Aurora Design Department can create a customized storage solution taking into consideration growth requirements, accessibility, aesthetics and budget.

Features and Benefits
Aurora Library Shelving is the smart choice for book and media storage. Old-fashioned cantilevered shelving has many drawbacks, all addressed by Aurora Library Shelving, which features a unique easy-to-assemble design, reconfigurable and also eliminates the book storage problems common to cantilever-style shelving.

  • Easy assembly requires no nuts, bolts or hardware
  • Finished, closed end panels are standard
  • Compact footprint
  • Absence of protruding hardware
  • Converts from 4-post static to mobile system
  • More standard sizes
  • Superior weight capacity
  • Simple to reconfigure
  • Reduces installation time
  • Aesthetically pleasing look
  • Saves floor space but provides more storage capacity than cantilever
  • Reduces book damage
  • Optimizes floor space
  • Design flexibility
  • Eliminates shelf deflection
  • System changes as your needs change

    Aurora Shelving offers a full range of library accessories:
  • Slotted shelves (optional)
  • Reference shelves
  • Magazine doors
  • Sloping shelves
  • Label holders
  • Newspaper racks
  • Wire book supports
  • Magnetic followers
  • Media shelves
  • Magnetic card holders
  • Drawers
  • Hanging rack for CDs and books
  • Laminate countertops and end panel treatments

The Wood-Tek Library
Customize Aurora Library Shelving with Wood-Tek, a premium wood cladding option for shelving end panels, crown molding, and shelf edges:

  • Choose from four rich stains
  • Custom match designs or woods
  • Doors, conference tables, atlas stands
  • Can be made mobile ready for large library systems.

Education: K-12 Library
Many of today’s school libraries are short on space and shorter on funds, causing librarians to serve an ever-expanding student population with limited resources. Libraries have morphed into school media centers, true multimedia environments assisting students with much more than just book circulation. Aurora can help to fit more media into tight spaces and tight budgets.

Higher Education Libraries
The academic library environment has special storage considerations for main campus collections, decentralized school libraries within a university, archival storage for dissertations and masters theses, or research departments.

Public Libraries
Public libraries are a community’s most valued assets, providing learning sites, gathering places, and settings for activities for all ages. Demand for services increasing? Space constricting as you add programs? Aurora can design a space-efficient system that optimizes every bit of floor and vertical space.

Corporate, Architects' and Designers' Libraries
When a company needs to store decades of tapes of meetings, broadcasts, research journals, samples, documentation, CDs, design samples, fabric swatches, bound copies of publications, and/or samples; an Aurora Library Shelving system is needed.

Legal Libraries
Legal offices require the storage of trial preparation notes, courtroom exhibits, and Federal Registers, among many other documents. An elegant front office style and back room efficiency are easily attained.

Color Options
Thirty-two beautiful colors in Gloss-Tek™, a document safe finish with no VOC’s to harm the environment.

Please visit our website for more information on Aurora Library Shelving.

Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)

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