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Product Overview

Lifespan Healthcare, LLC is a design-focused company that seeks to create revolutionary architectural headwall and equipment management solutions for the patient environment within hospitals, clinics and other ancillary treatment areas. We are dedicated to basing our designs on known empirical research that guides our design process to create products that solve real problems within the patient environment and can be shown to contribute to a positive experience for patients, families and staff who interface with our products during stressful times. Cost effective patient care also requires flexible, adjustable equipment management tools. Using high-quality products that last a long time and can be easily adapted to changing protocols or demographics helps to control capital expenditures and obsolescence. We feel proud to produce all products in the U.S.A by dedicated employees that share our same vision and values. Our support of various research and educational projects is a further extension of our commitment to "improve the measure of life" of everyone.

Equipment Rail

Originally introduced in the 1970s and installed in thousands of hospitals in North America, the Fairfield rail system used to be the de facto standard of equipment management. Now, Lifespan Healthcare offers a new standard: new and improved accessory and headwall products that go well beyond the original Fairfield rail system. To help older facilities preserve their original investment, the Lifespan rail system is designed to be seamlessly compatible with most of the old Fairfield installations. Our seasoned designers, engineers and product specialists–with decades of collective experience in equipment management–continue to create new solutions to equipment management challenges based on their understanding of caregiver tasks and user needs.

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Developmentally Appropriate Headwall

Designed to specifically address the recommended standards for newborn ICU design as adopted by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Lifespan MATRIXX™ headwall has been proven to control the environmental factors critical in managing NICU babies.
  • Three layers of user defined dimmable lighting.
  • Sound deflecting design.
  • Sound absorbing technology.
  • Adaptable environment, to easily 
manage multiple births.
  • Facilitates bed side access for the family.
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Vertical Headwall Designed for Ergonomics

The Lifespan MATRIXX-M™ vertical headwall provides perfect balance between form and function. Essential services are located in ergonomically optimal positions. Features such as integrated lighting, equipment management rail system, and sound deflecting surfaces, all contribute to a developmentally appropriate environment.
  • Provides visual separation between family members and clinical connections.
  • User defined location of clinical equipment. Including exam lights and blenders.
  • Simplified rough ins reduce the cost of installation, in both renovations and new construction.
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Medical Gas Rail

Flexibility, Adaptability, and Expandability

The Lifespan Medical Gas Rail provides horizontal distribution of essential services. 
By design the Medical Gas Rail can be upgraded to any level of care without construction or renovation. Integrated indirect lighting optimizes the developmentally appropriate environment. Accommodation of added services for multiple births or surge is easily accomplished on integrated equipment management rail.
  • Can be joined to extend lengths for multiple bed areas.
  • No exposed screw heads, for optimal disinfection.
  • As simple to install for renovation as for new construction.
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Technical Specifications:

SpecData datasheets available for downloadManufacturer Specifications (Guide Specs)

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