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Parking Control Booths:

Our Parking Control Booths are known for their quality and professional appearance.
Typical Features can include:

  • Quality all welded steel construction
  • Climate Control (Rooftop, Thru Wall,  Split Zone HVAC and Insulation)
  • Revenue Control Equipment
  • Sliding Casher Windows, Money Drawers, Drop Safes
  • Vandal Resistant Glass, Security Lighting

For More Information on Our Parking Control Booths, Please Click HERE

 Industrial Control Booths and Shelters:

Our Industrial Control Booths have many features that make choosing a Par-Kut factory assembled building an easy decision. Features can include:

  • Hazardous Location Explosion Proof Electrical
  • Angled Observation Windows with Impact Resistant Glass
  • Durable Chemical Resistant Paint
  • Climate Control (Rooftop, Thru Wall,  Split Zone HVAC and Insulation)
  • Sound Dampening
  • Custom Fabricated Counter Tops and Shelving

For More Information on Our Industrial Control Booths and Shelters, Please Click HERE

Security Booths and Guardhouses:

Par-Kut Security Booths have a wide variety of options all aimed at keeping your personnel and property safe, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing footprint. Features may include:

  • Bullet resistant construction to top levels
  • Climate Control (Rooftop, Thru Wall,  Split Zone HVAC and Insulation)
  • Tower, Trailer, or On-Grade Mounting
  • Visitor Waiting Areas and Restrooms
  • Flood Lights with Dimmable Interior Lighting

For More Information on Our Security Booths and Guardhouses, Please Click HERE

Access Control Booths:

Par-Kut access control booths help prevent entry to non-wanted visitors and create a visible fee collection station all while providing a positive first experience to your audience. Features may include:

  • Climate Control (Rooftop, Thru Wall,  Split Zone HVAC and Insulation)
  • Custom Paint, Siding, or Panel Brick
  • One or Two Doors, Sliding or Hinged
  • 360 degree visibility with wall to wall windows

For More Information on Our Design Options, Please Click HERE

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