Lumber & Plywood Preservative Treatment Products

Product Overview


Product Overview

Hoover Treated Wood Products is a leader in the preservative-treated wood industry, offering Dura-Guard, CCA and COP-8 products for above ground, in ground, fresh water and EPA applications.


Hoover CCA preservative helps protect lumber and plywood from decay and termite attack. Treated in accordance ASTM D1625 and ASTM D1760, Hoover CCA preservative-treated lumber is southern pine, mixed southern pine, Hem-Fir, Spruce Pine Fir or other recognized species, kiln dried after treatment (KDAT) to a moisture content of 19% or less. Hoover CCA preservative-treated plywood is composed of softwood species, glued with waterproof adhesives and kiln dried to a moisture content of 18% or less. The resulting treated wood is lightweight, pre-shrunk, clean and strong.

Features of Hoover CCA treated products include:

  • Wrapped in waterproof covers to remain clean and dry
  • Reduced moisture content adds strength and stability
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Pre-shrunk for reduced shrinkage
  • KDAT process permits quick finishing after installation


Cop-8 is a proven fungicidal water-repellent preservative for above-ground lumber and plywood applications. Its active ingredient is copper-8-quinolinolate, carried in a light petroleum solvent and applied to wood under pressure. Cop-8 is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for contact with agricultural food products and can be used in truck beds and refrigerated storage structures. It is also suited for above-ground exterior applications, such as playground equipment, picnic tables and decking.

Features of Hoover COP-8 include:

  • Resists warping and splitting
  • Withstands exposure to rain and sun
  • Does not change the color of the wood, other than darkening from the moistening effect of the oil-borne treatment
  • Effective for southern pine, Douglas fir, western red cedar, red oak, keruing (apitong), kapur, white oak, hemlock, redwood, white fir and other wood species


DURA-GUARD preserved wood is an alternative to traditional CCA pressure treated wood. A copper-based preservative with a co-biocide, DURA-GUARD has been commercially used since 1991 in Europe, Asia and the United States. DURA-GUARD preserved wood is designed for outdoor construction and is ideal for structural lumber, sill plates, outdoor furniture, playground products, patios, decks, garden edging, and landscaping structures. It should be used with hot-dipped galvanized or stainless steel fasteners.

DURA-GUARD features include:

  • Offers a choice in pressure treated wood products
  • Provides protection against termites and fungal decay
  • Long lasting, durable, clean to the touch
  • Over a decade of field test performance and commercial use worldwide
  • Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) to an average moisture content of 19% or less
  • Lighter in weight than preservative treated products not kiln-dried
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to cut, machine and remanufacture

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