Removable, Fixed, Lighting, Retractable and Custom Bollards

Product Overview

Product Overview


With one of the industry’s broadest ranges and largest selections of bollards, Calpipe Security Bollards meets the aesthetic and functional requirements for a wide range of architectural, protective and security bollard installations.

Partners from the Start

Calpipe Security Bollards collaborates with project managers and national architectural firms from conceptualization to installation and provides custom-designed bollards to fit your needs. No matter what style, size, color, material, finish or decorative element your project requires, we’re committed to configuring the right bollard for your project. Because bollards are our business, we provide a high level of support and service, making us one of the most responsive bollards suppliers in the industry.

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Removable Bollards - External & Internal Locking

Removable locking bollards provide a strong and flexible perimeter defense, which can be deployed and then removed at the end of an event. When the bollard is removed, the hole is covered with a stainless steel lid. A padlock can be incorporated to secure the bollard. Read more about external locking removable bollards.

Internal locking security bollards provide a strong perimeter defense, allow for vehicular entry and are themselves secure against theft. Read more about internal locking removable bollards.

Fixed Bollards - Surface Mounted & Embedded

Surface mounted bollards deter unwanted vehicular and pedestrian traffic. These bollards stand 36" tall and securely fasten to a base plate. The base plate mounting allows a surface mounted bollard to be installed in almost any location. The base-plate mount limits the surface mounted bollard's impact resistance. This bollard should never be relied upon to stop a vehicle. Read more about surface mounted bollards.

Embedded security bollards provide solid protection against vehicle incursion. These bollards stand 48" tall— 36" above ground and typically 12" below grade. (Larger bollard diameters extend 18" below grade.) A security bollard's impact resistance is a combination of the steel bollard diameter, wall thickness, and engineered footing. Read more about embedded security bollards.

Retractable Bollards – Manual and Automatic

Manual lift bollards are our most economical retractable bollard product. When retracted, the bollard is covered by a locking lid with a tamper-resistant key for extra security. We also offer an external padlocking model.

Deploying the bollard is as easy as unlocking and opening the lid and lifting the bollard by the top handle. Read more about manual lift bollards.

Designed for numerous cycles, automatic bollard systems are ideal for restricted parking lots, access control gates, commercial building entrances or high-security applications such as military bases. The bollard lifts quickly from the ground at the push of a button and retracts just as swiftly. Read more about automatic retractable bollards.

High Security Bollards

For high security applications, where pedestrian and building protection is crucial, we offer K4 and K12 rated bollards, as well as PAS 68 certified bollards. Our K4 bollards can stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 30 miles an hour whereas our K12 and PAS 68 bollards can stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 50 miles an hour and still stay standing. Read more about our K-rated bollards.

Lighted Bollards

Calpipe Security Bollards lighted bollards deter vehicles; guide pedestrians; illuminate walkways; and offer architectural aesthetics. Lighted bollards are available with LED, CFL, induction, fluorescent or metal halide lamp options. A variety of optics and lens materials are also available. Read more about lighted bollards.

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