SAB Series Seismic Mounts


Product Overview

The VMC Group manufactures a full range of seismic mounts and restraints to control the motion of equipment, piping and ductwork during seismic activity.

Product Description, Applications

VMC SAB Series Single Arm Braces by The VMC Group restrain suspended equipment, piping and ductwork during an earthquake. For use with equipment that does not have an external vibration isolation system, the rigid single arm braces provide the strength necessary to reduce the risk of equipment detachment from the building structure.

SAB-1 is designed for attachment to a hanger, anchored into steel; it is installed at the equipment, pipe or duct and also at the building structure. SAB-2 is designed for attachment to concrete; it is installed at the structure, and SAB-1 is required at the equipment. Suited for non-isolated installations of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire equipment, applications include:

  • Suspended equipment
  • Bus ducts
  • Ductwork
  • Rigidly supported piping
  • Electrical cable trays
  • Electrical conduit
  • In-line equipment


  • Provide positive attachment to non-isolated equipment and internally isolated suspended equipment
  • Offered in a variety of models to withstand tension loads as high as 1400 lb (1089 kg)
  • Simplify leveling, aligning and support of equipment
  • Accept field-supplied channel struts or steel angle as rigid bracing
  • Provide a full range of motion in all directions for ease of installation
  • Require only one brace per transverse location and one brace per longitudinal location
  • Comply strictly with national building code and NFPA 5000 requirements

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